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SIM only deals

Our Best SIM Only Contract Deals

SIM only plans are ideal if you already have the perfect mobile phone, but just want a better allowance on your minutes, texts and data. No one likes to spend more than they need to.

  • 1 Month

5GB Data

500 Mins

5000 Texts

£15.00 per month

Never go above your £5 extra cap
ShockProof plan

500MB Data

250 Mins

5000 Texts

£7.50 per month

1GB Data

1500 Mins

Unlimited Texts

£9.00 per month

1GB Data

500 Mins

5000 Texts

£10.00 per month

250MB Data

250 Mins

Unlimited Texts

£11.50 per month

250MB Data

250 Mins

Unlimited Texts

£11.50 per month

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Everything you need to know about SIM only deals

Reasons to go SIM only

30 day rolling contracts

30 Day rolling contracts

Our SIM only plans offer even better value from your monthly spend with non committal 30 day rolling contracts and higher bundles of minutes and data.

Mobile number porting

Keep your number

Once you get your SIM we’ll help you port your number so you can use your new allowances with your current number. No hassle and no fuss. Just Simple.

Money saving SIM only.

Waiting to upgrade?

Due an upgrade or have you been waiting for that new smartphone release? Why not switch to SIM only and save money while you wait.

What is a SIM only deal?

What is SIM only?

A SIM only deal is essentially the same as an ordinary mobile phone contract, execpt instead of getting a new handset alongside the SIM card, you get to keep your own phone and pay less each month.

By buying a SIM only deal, you get a package of minutes, texts and data which gets replenished each month. How many minutes, texts and megabytes of data you want is an entirely personal decision; you might only use your phone to make a couple of calls each week, or on the other hand, you might love chatting to your friends on Facebook every day. Therefore, it is really important to buy a SIM only contract which reflects how you use your mobile phone.

Because SIM only deals are far cheaper than most ordinary contract phones, they are growing increasingly popular amongst buyers. Not only are SIM only contracts more flexible, as they don’t tie you into a 24 month contract, but they also allow you to stick with your existing mobile phone, or to buy a brand new handset outright, keeping monthly costs down.

How do SIM-only deals work?

SIM-only deals are great if you've already got a phone you're happy with, and you just want more minutes, data or texts for a cheaper price than you'd get with a contract. And unlike a regular contract, you're not tied in for years at a time – you can pay on a rolling monthly basis and quit or change your deal whenever you like.

Compare our SIM-only deals here and see which one gives the best value for you.

Rolling monthly SIMs


There are a few different types of contracts available. Many budget deals come with cashback, so check the tariffs available on the phone you like. Cashback can be selected as a one-off automatic cheque upfront, or cashback by redemption which you claim during your contract.

If you’re happy with your existing phone, why not investigate SIM-only deals? When ordering a SIM contract you’ll enjoy cheaper line rental and shorter contract lengths. This makes it the perfect option for keeping your commitment to a minimum, and cashback options are still available.

It can be cheaper - Because SIM only deals do not come with a handset, they are far cheaper than ordinary contracts. That means that you are only paying for what you actually need each month, instead of paying for a fancy handset that you might not want or need.

It’s more flexible- SIM only deals are also a lot more flexible. Because you are not paying for a handset, there’s no need for mobile phone networks to sign you up to a 24 month contract. That means that you can get a SIM Only contract for as long or you want; this can be just a month on a rolling contract, or it could well extend to a 12 month contract.

First time users - A SIM Only contract is also great for first time smartphone users, or for users who don’t know how many minutes, texts or megabytes of data they require. Because SIM Only contracts can last for just one month, users are able to see how they get on without being tied down into a 24 month contract with a restrictive package.

Sound good? Go ahead and browse our SIM only plans.
SIM only optionsNano, Micro, Mini SIM


Can I keep my number?

You sure can. Just call your existing network to get your PAC code, then give us a call and we'll transfer your number as soon as possible.

Who are SIM-only deals best for?

Anyone who owns a phone and wants to pay less for their data, texts and minutes! They're also a great way to save money for a month or two while you're waiting for a new version of your favourite handset to be released.

If you're coming to the end of your mobile contract, a SIM-only deal could be just the thing – compare the prices here with your existing contract and find out how much you could save!

Do I get a free phone with a SIM only deal?

Like a standard contract you don't get a free phone. SIM only deals are designed so you can have the flexibility to buy a phone outright SIM free.

How long does a contract last?

Choose from a 30-day rolling contract, which will let you change your package from month to month - or get a 12-month deal and enjoy even more minutes and data for your money.

What types of SIM card are available?

SIM cards slots come in three sizes: Standard, Micro and Nano. Luckily all the SIMs we send are combination SIMs, which can be snapped down to the correct size, to fit any requirement.

Which SIM card size do I need?

As we send out combination SIMs, you won't have to worry about choosing the right size. All SIMs we dispatch can be snapped down to sit any slot..