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Virgin Mobile Phone Contract Deals

Combining affordable tariffs with reliable coverage, Virgin Mobile offers great pay monthly deals on the latest devices.

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Everything you need to know about Virgin

Virgin Coverage

Virgin Coverage

Virgin Mobile is committed to providing great quality, reliable coverage throughout the UK. They currently have a whopping 99% of the country covered with their 4G network, and offer superfast 5G speeds in over 100 uk towns and cities, with more to follow very soon.

As well as the size of their coverage base, Virgin Mobile also offers one of the fastest 4G services on the market. In fact, Virgin Mobile claim their 4G network is, on average, faster than 4G speeds offered by Vodafone, O2, Sky and Three (based on analysis by Ookla of Speedtest).

Data-Free Messaging

Data-Free Messaging

If you love to socialise, Virgin Mobile has got you covered. Whether you’re chatting on WhatsApp, sharing your day on Facebook Messenger, or updating your friends on Twitter, none of the messages you send will use up your monthly data allowance.

This means you can chat away, forward photos, and even send videos without using up your monthly data allowance. (Voice and video calls made through Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are exempt from this service however)

Data Rollover

Data Rollover

Another great perk from Virgin Mobile is Data Rollover. This means that any data you don’t use from your monthly allowance gets added to next month’s data. You can easily track your monthly usage in the Virgin Mobile app, so you can see how much you’re rolling over, and how much you have left.

Unused data from one month can only be rolled over to the next month. However, the data you’ve rolled over will be used first next month. This means you get maximum benefit from the rollover, and you can ensure nothing is wasted.

Why Buy Virgin?

Why Buy Virgin?

There are lots of benefits to enjoy with Virgin Mobile. Take Virgin Mobile roaming for example, which lets you take your monthly calls, texts, and data abroad. Available across 43 European destinations, you can keep in touch with friends and family without added costs.

If you are worried about overspending, there’s help at hand in the form of Spending Caps, which provide a useful safety buffer. Another way to manage your usage is to make the most of free Wi-Fi on your mobile, available at over 3.5 million Virgin hotspots around the UK.


Can I buy 5G contacts on Virgin Mobile?

Yes, Virgin Mobile offers contracts on the new superfast 5G network. Their whopping 5G coverage currently reaches over 100 towns and cities in the UK, with more locations to be added in the near future. Just be sure to select a 5G-ready handset and check coverage in your area.

Can I use my Virgin Mobile contract abroad?

Yes, with Virgin Mobile roaming, you can take your monthly allowances abroad. Make calls, send texts, and browse the web as you would at home, with international roaming across Europe available in 43 selected destinations (subject to fair usage limits).

Can I rollover my Virgin Mobile data month to month?

Yes, you can make the most of your data by rolling over any unused data from one month to the next. Just be aware that you can only rollover your data from each month once, so be sure to use this within the next month to make the most of this perk.

Does Virgin Mobile also offer SIM-only contracts?

Different networks offer different perks, so this is entirely your preference. O2 provides regular high street freebies and discounts via O2 Priority, Vodafone carry similar perks through VeryMe Rewards, while EE offers subscriptions such as 6 months free Apple Music. Browse Virgin SIM deals.