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Virgin SIM Only Coverage

Virgin SIM Only Coverage

When it comes to reliable signal strength, Virgin Mobile has got you covered. Their 4G signal reaches a whopping 99% of the UK population, so you can be sure that Virgin will keep you in touch with friends and family, whether you love calls, texting, or chatting online.

What’s more, Virgin Mobile has reported their 4G coverage is, on average, faster than O2, Vodafone and Three (based on speedtest analysis by Ookla). This means you can stream your favourite content such as movies and music with ease, and download new apps in seconds

Virgin SIM Only Benefits

Virgin SIM Only Benefits

Get connected with Virgin, and you can expect a range of great benefits, such as data-free socialising. With this amazing benefit, you can message, tweet and group chat on Facebook Messenger, Twitter and WhatsApp without using your own data (excludes voice and video calls).

Virgin Mobile customers can also make the most of free Data Rollover for unused monthly allowances. Any data that doesn’t get used is then added to next month’s data, and the rollover allowance is used first so that nothing goes to waste.

Virgin SIM Only Contract Types

Virgin SIM Only Contract Types

If you prefer not to be tied down for too long, then a Virgin Mobile SIM only deal is the perfect solution. Select a 12 month agreement if you want a great value Virgin connection for a year, or choose a rolling monthly plan for the full freedom to cancel whenever you like.

Whichever type of Virgin SIM only deal you go for, you can keep track of your contract details, monthly payments, allowances and usage with the handy Virgin Mobile app. Available on both Android and Apple devices, it’s the perfect way to keep an eye on your Virgin plan.

What Size Virgin SIM Do I Need?

What Size Virgin SIM Do I Need?

SIM cards are usually available in a range of sizes depending on the type of device you use. Luckily, there’s no need to worry about what SIM card size your need when ordering your Virgin SIM only deal, as we’ll send you out a versatile combination SIM.

These Virgin SIMs are able to fit any sim slot, as they can be snapped down to the correct size for your phone. Whether you’re an Android fan, or a die-hard Apple lover, these SIMs are simple to adjust, so there’s no need to worry about ordering the correct SIM size.


Can I get Virgin Mobile in my area?

Virgin Media covers a massive 99% of the UK population, so you’re more than likely to receive a great signal. If you live in a remote area, or you’re worried about reception issues, you can always consult the Virgin Mobile coverage mapper to double-check before you purchase.

Can I cap my Virgin Mobile bill?

Yes, another great benefit from Virgin is that you can apply bill caps to avoid any unwanted surprises. Once you hit your spending cap, you won’t be able to use any services outside your allowance until your next bill cycle. To add a cap, just download the Virgin Mobile app.

How do I download the Virgin Media app?

Just head to your mobile app store and you’ll be able to download the Virgin Mobile app, free of charge. Android users can find this in Google Play, while iPhone users can use the Apple App Store. Sign into your account, and you’ll be all ready to go.

Can I rollover my Virgin Mobile data?

Yes, with Data Rollover from Virgin, you can make sure that none of your monthly data allowance goes to waste. At the end of the month, your unused data will be added to the next month’s allowance. The rolled over data will be used first to ensure it’s not lost.