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Vodafone Mobile Phone Contract Deals

Our Vodafone pay monthly deals offer speedy 5G and 4G, reliable service and great prices on the latest devices. (Please be aware, you can only order one Vodafone contract every 7 days).

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Everything you need to know about Vodafone

Vodafone Coverage

Vodafone Coverage

With better 4G data coverage than ever before, Vodafone now reaches 99% of the UK population What’s more, Vodafone are working to improve coverage nationwide, with ongoing work to reach those more remote locations as well as places of interest.

The super-fast, next generation network, Vodafone 5G is now available in London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Cardiff, Bristol and Glasgow. Several more cities are also set to receive Vodafone 5G in 2019, with UK-wide coverage expected during 2020.

Vodafone Roaming

Vodafone Roaming

With Vodafone Global Roaming you can take your allowances with you, and use your minutes, texts and data in 48 European destinations. Add the Roam Further plan, and you can use your phone in a further 104 destinations for just £6 per day.

Vodafone were also the first UK network to offer 5G roaming, which is now available in Italy, Spain, and Germany. In fact, it covers 47 towns and cities, including major destinations such as Rome, Naples, Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin and Munich.

Vodafone Benefits

Vodafone Benefits

Select your choice of entertainment when you purchase a Vodafone Red Entertainment plan. This includes a subscription to Now TV, Amazon Prime, Spotify Premium or Sky Sports Mobile - just chose your favourite, and enjoy the service for the length of your contract, with no extra charge.

Spotify Premium gives you access to over 30 million songs, Now TV offers 11 of the most popular TV channels and over 300 box sets, Amazon Prime serves up big budget original content, and Sky Sports Mobile brings the best sporting action directly to your phone. The choice is yours.

My Vodafone

My Vodafone

With the My Vodafone app on your phone, you can check your pay monthly account quickly and easily. Available from both the Apple App store and Google Play for Android, you can use it to stay on top of your bills, and manage any other extras such as bolt-ons.

You can also use My Vodafone to access VeryMe rewards. These include promotions and savings across a range of high street brands and stores. The more you use the service, the more it will get to know your tastes and interests, offering gifts and discounts to suit you.


Is Vodafone available in my area?

Vodafone’s network covers an amazing 99% of the UK population, with work being done every day to improve this further. This means it’s more than likely that Vodafone is active in your area, but if you’re unsure, you may wish to view a Vodafone coverage checker before you buy.

Can I get 5G on Vodafone?

Yes, super-fast 5G network speeds have arrived on Vodafone, although the service is still in the roll-out stages. Currently, customers can make the most of Vodafone 5G in London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Cardiff, Bristol and Glasgow, with more cities to follow in the next year.

How do I get VeryMe Rewards?

Vodafone customers can enjoy regular VeryMe rewards, simply by downloading and logging on to the My Vodafone app. It’s available on both Android and Apple, offering customers regular high street perks and deals.

Can I roam with Vodafone5G?

Vodafone are the first UK network to offer international roaming on 5G, with the current availability covering towns and cities in Germany, Spain and Italy. With 47 individual locations covered, you can enjoy superfast speeds abroad in these great holiday destinations.