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How do Fitness Bands
Improve Your Health?

Good health is important, yet in our busy lives it’s a struggle to achieve. You need motivation to get off the sofa after a tough day, resilience to stick at the in fashion diet. And after putting in all that effort, is your action plan achieving your goals?

Let wearable technology remove the guess work. Our guide explains how fitness bands provide you with the answers you need to lead a healthier lifestyle. They’re full of smart ways to get you all fired up too. Time to tie those laces and see how wearables can help you.

fitness bands

What can fitness bands measure?

measure heart rate wearable technology

Measure heart rate

Great for measuring the intensity of your workout. Recording your pulse from the wrist, wearable technology captures your heart rate in beats per minute.

A low resting pulse is an indicator of healthy living, while days with a higher BPM could give warning signs of an incoming virus or cold.

track calories using fitness band

Track calories

We’re constantly told to watch the calories we eat in our food, but what about the ones we burn in our daily activity?

Fitness bands estimate energy expenditure to give you the bigger picture on dieting and energy balance. Go on, have that extra slice; you’ve already burned it!

step counter pedometer

Steps taken

Did you know you burn twice as many calories stood up compared to sitting down? Measuring the number of steps you take per day, it’s a no brainer that lots of walking around can keep you trim.

Use a fitness band and you’ll see all those small choices add up. Stairs or elevator? Shake off the old habits and stride your way to victory.

Many wearables will measure sleep duration and quality during night hours.

Sleep quality

Sleep is just as important in healthy living as diet and activity. Track the hours spent in the land of Nod. Sudden movements can indicate poor sleep quality.

Hate noisy alarm clocks? Bands like the FitBit Flex, ease you into the day with a gentle vibrate on the wrist.

Measure inactivity alerts


Ever lost track of time when watching TV on the sofa? Maybe you work too hard at your desk and refuse to take a break.

Measuring inactivity, fitness bands give you a nudge to stretch those legs for a couple of minutes.

Give your motivation a boost!

Take on the world!

Fitness App leaderboard

Whoever you want to challenge, fitness bands are great for capturing activity data. Use mobile apps to scout the leaderboards and have a little bit of friendly competition against users who are striving towards similar health goals. You’ll be rewarded for your efforts too; digital trophies and badges are won for conquering milestones and smashing targets.

Your daily goal.

Daily Goal

A fitness wearable won’t transform you from couch potato to cardio king overnight. It requires weeks, if not months of small consistent progression. A daily goal, gives you targets for the now. Check your progress in real-time from the wrist or within a mobile app. As you hit your targets, wearables challenge you with tougher goals. The progress you make over time, will amaze you.

Is my phone compatible?

As a rule of thumb, for real-time fitness tracking you need a smartphone with Bluetooth Smart 4.0 connectivity. It also depends on whether the wearable manufacturer has app support for your mobile OS; you know, iOS, Android, Windows Phone.

We’ve bookmarked the leaders in the fitness industry, so you can check products against your current phone.

Stay healthy with these wearables

If you fancy getting fit with an activity tracker, we've shortlisted some of our favourites.

Misfit Shine activity tracker

Misfit Shine

Not all wearables have to worn on the wrist. This tracker from Misfit is a necklace too. With water resistance to 50m, you can even go surfing with it on. It’s ability to work with Apple, Android AND Windows Phone devices means it’s a thumbs up from the smart phone people.

Samsung Gear Fit wearable and fitness tracker

Gear Fit

If you have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, the Gear Fit can wirelessly transfer data to your phone in real-time. With a colourful and curved display, it’s certainly a beauty! You can even use the built in heart rate monitor to track your pulse throughout the day.

FitBit Flex fitness band

FitBit Flex

A great purchase for tracking both fitness and sleep activity, the LED lights on the Flex keep you up to date on your daily goal target. Use the online Fitbit app to log your food intake and assess your energy balance using real-time data and pretty charts.