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Shoot with 8MP

Wileyfox Spark budget

With the Wileyfox Spark, you get not one, but two incredible, 8MP lenses. Both the rear camera and the front camera take high-quality images, even in low light, and you can view them all on the device’s 5-inch, HD display.

The front-facing camera is ideal for selfie lovers, especially those who want to purchase a budget-friendly smartphone without sacrificing the quality of their pics for Instagram and Facebook. Face detection helps keep everything in focus too, adjusting the brightness and contrast to ensure details are crystal-clear.

There are tons of handy features to use with the main camera as well. With the Wileyfox Spark you can choose panoramic mode to pack more into one shot, or opt for continuous shooting mode and capture the moment like a pro.

A powerful core

Under the hood of the Spark you’ll find some seriously supercharged tech fuelling the device. The 1.3GHz, quad-core processor powers the device and, combined with 1GB of RAM, multi-tasking becomes a breeze.

Wileyfox have added a long-lasting 2,220mAH battery on board the Spark too, offering an impressive 352 hours of power on standby, and 12 hours of talk time. Whatever you love using your phone for, whether it’s watching videos online, playing games or simply keeping in touch with friends and loved ones, one full charge is sure to keep you going, all day long.

As for storage, you’ll get 8GB pre-loaded onto the phone. It’s easy to add more though - if you’re an app lover or a keen photographer, just add a micro SD card into the slot and expand the memory up to 32GB.

Durable design

Dual SIM functionality

Wileyfox Spark High-Spec

One phone, two SIM cards - thanks to Wileyfox, you no longer need to carry around two devices for work and for play, or switch up your SIM if you’re heading abroad.

When you remove the back of the Spark, you’ll see two SIM card slots. Enable dual SIM functionality by placing your regular SIM in slot one, then add your second SIM beside it. There's no need to manually switch between two numbers, you’ll automatically receive texts and calls from both!

With the right international contract, you’ll save tons of cash when it comes to using your device abroad, and your pocket will feel much lighter (in a good way!) with just one device in it. Convenient and simple to set up, you’ll wonder why you never picked up the Spark sooner.