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Sleek design

Premium aluminium design

Crafted from premium aluminium and home to a curved 5-inch HD screen, the ZTE Blade V7 Lite is a beautiful piece of tech. The bodywork is seamless, and there's no denying that the device - at just 7.9mm wide - has some serious style.

Weighing in at 133.8g, the Blade V7 Lite is also a pleasure to hold and use. Whatever you love using your phone for, whether it's watching videos, taking photos or playing games, the vivid HD display and smooth frame won't disappoint. The ZTE Blade V7 Lite offers 16GB of internal memory, but if you're after more storage take advantage of the microSD slot, which lets you boost the V7 Lite’s capacity by an extra 256GB.

Two brilliant cameras

Love photography? The ZTE Blade V7 Lite has you covered, with two fantastic cameras on board.

The rear comes in at 13MP, delivering high-quality photos with beautiful details. Switch between six different modes, and enjoy special features like Smile Capture - which will automatically take a photo when everyone in the shot is grinning - and Beautify, a handy quick-fix designed to remove any imperfections.

As for the front-facing camera, it challenges even the most advanced smartphones at 8MP. With its own flash, it's never been easier to get a great selfie on a night out.

Smile Capture

Smart fingerprint recognition

Smart fingerprint recognition

Keep your private information safe, and add an extra layer of protection to your device thanks to the ZTE Blade V7 Lite's impressive fingerprint reader. It doesn't matter if your phone is on or off, just place your fingertip over the sensor to unlock your device.

Innovative as always, ZTE have taken the fingerprint technology in their reader one step further. Supporting 360-degree fingerprint matching, you can launch your favourite apps instantly by placing the corresponding finger over the sensor, lock a specific photo, message of file quickly with one touch, or double tap while the screen is off to turn on your flashlight.

Users of the ZTE Blade V7 Lite can enjoy in-app fingerprint functions too. Tap once to take a selfie, swipe up or down to change a song or use one of 20 smart gestures: hold down the volume button and wave your phone around in an O shape to stop music playing, a Z shape to make a call or create a V shape to launch the camera.