5G on Vodafone

5G on Vodafone

With improved speeds, less lagging and super-fast download capabilities, 5G is the next generation mobile network. Vodafone was one of the first major networks to announce the launch of 5G in the UK, alongside offering great deals for 5G-ready phones.

Take a look below to discover all you need to know about Vodafone 5G services.

Where is 5G available on Vodafone?

5G, the next-generation mobile network, promises to deliver super-fast download speeds, reduced latency time and minimal buffering or lagging when streaming media. Vodafone launched its initial 5G offering on Wednesday 3rd July 2019 in seven major UK cities – Glasgow, London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Cardiff and Bristol.


Today, you can enjoy 5G on Vodafone in 34 UK locations, and a further 68 locations abroad.

Which 5G phones can I buy on Vodafone?

There is a selection of 5G-ready phones which you can purchase on the Vodafone 5G network. As time goes on, more handsets will be added to the list when manufacturers roll out new models, but Vodafone customers can currently benefit from 5G speeds on

• Samsung Galaxy S20 5G
• Huawei Mate 20X 5G
• Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G
• Samsung Galaxy A90 5G

5G Roaming with Vodafone

A huge benefit of Vodafone, the network is the first UK network to announce 5G roaming support. 5G roaming came to Vodafone in summer 2019, and will be initially available in the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain. Vodafone is expected to expand its global 5G roaming service in the next few years, and other mobile networks are sure to follow.


Vodafone 5G at Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport is the first UK airport to be 5G connected, and Vodafone is the network switching on 5G to holidaymakers, with two dedicated 5G masts now in the area. The airport has also seen Vodafone 5G blastpods in place, allowing visitors to download a whole TV season in mere seconds. These unique pods provide 5G speeds via a WiFi connection, so you don't even need a 5G-ready phone to give it a try.

Vodafone has also announced that it will bring 5G to more major airports and railways station by the end of 2020, with Snow Hill railway station in Birmingham the next to offer 5G connectivity for passengers.

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