With flexible price plans that put you in control, it's no surprise that iD Mobile has been popular since the network first launched back in 2015. Alongside brilliant deals on a range of smartphones, iD Mobile customers enjoy a host of extra benefits, from international roaming to excellent coverage, all from one of the UK's most reliable networks.

iD Mobile Coverage

iD's coverage is provided by the Three network, to ensure great reception across the country. Browse the web, update Twitter or stream videos at lightning speed, thanks widespread 4G coverage which is still expanding. You can even take advantage of 4G-Calling, which allows phone calls to be made over 4G - ideal for pesky indoor blackspots. It's also faster, less draining on your battery and offers improved audio quality.

Advanced 3G is also available for 98% of the population, so you're guaranteed a strong signal almost anywhere in the UK. Want to know what coverage you will receive with iD? Use the iD coverage checker to find out before you make the move and join the network.

iD Data Rollover

There's nothing worse than losing your unused data at the end of the month, but iD Mobile gives you a second chance to use it. All new iD plans include Data Rollover, a feature where any unused data is automatically carried over to the following month.

This gives you an extra month to get through your unused data, and you can check exactly how much you have by heading over to your iD account, selecting My Allowances and then My Data.

iD EU Roaming

Use your data, texts and minutes abroad, in over 50 countries throughout the EU, EEA and beyond, with iD EU Roaming. Racking up a bill for browsing Facebook while on holiday is a thing of the past - you just need to double check EU roaming is enabled on the iD app first.

View the list of countries eligible for EU Roaming, and the terms and conditions, over on iD Mobile.

Create your own plan

Flexibility is at the heart of iD, with the network enabling every customer to make their own decisions. Want to keep your old phone and try SIM-only? Want a contract deal with the perfect allowances for you? Choose exactly how many minutes, texts and GB of data you need, and avoid paying more for something you won't use.

iD members can also select the length of their contract too, and Pay Monthly customers can enable capping if they wish. Choose a monthly limit (from £5 up to your credit limit), and then relax. If you do happen to run out of data, minutes or texts, iD won't charge you any more than the cap you initially set.

The iD App

Stay in control with the iD app. Available on both Android and Apple devices, you can quickly access your iD account wherever you are, directly from your smartphone. User-friendly, it's easy to keep an eye on your data, buy add-ons instantly or view previous bills. You'll find a whole range of competitions and special offers exclusive to the iD app here too.

Fancy making the switch? Discover a whole range of fantastic iD Mobile deals over on Mobiles.co.uk.