With a budget app by your side, it can be a lot easier to keep on top of your money day-to-day. The right app can help you track your spending and find utility deals that might be better for you.

We have rounded up the best budget apps available for your device and what makes them stand out amongst the various money manager apps out there.

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Available on iOS and Android
Price: £0.99 per month or £9.99 annually

Beginning to organise your finances can be tricky if you have multiple bank accounts, investments, or credit cards. This is where Moneyhub can help. It uses open banking to gather all your accounts into one place, including any savings or borrowings. From this central hub, you can then track your spending in these accounts and compare monthly outgoings.


Moneyhub prioritises ownership of your spending, putting you in control of each pound in and out of your accounts. Setting spending budgets can help you avoid overspending, whilst the option to receive reminders via the ‘Nudges’ feature for due payments, helps keep you on top of money leaving your accounts.

With various subscriptions or common payments, such as Netflix or utility bills, it can be easy to lose track of every pound leaving your accounts. To combat this, Moneyhub highlights any regular payments you may be making, such as subscriptions or Direct Debits, and gives you a full overview of your account spending.


Having a clear view of your spending means you can also plan for the future. Moneyhub offers a financial advisor service, should you want further advice on your spending and budget. Do you have a large payment to make, such as a holiday? The Forecast feature can help you plan the impact this may have on your budget in the future.


Available on iOS and Android
Price: Free (£3.99 per month for premium Snoop Plus service)

Snoop is another budget app that brings all your accounts and spending into one place. You can track your payments and set spending alerts via Snoop’s simple dashboard; categorising your spending is also possible in Snoop to help you see which areas you are spending the most in.


What sets Snoop apart from other budget apps is its emphasis on possibly saving money, not just tracking your finances. Built into Snoop is a discount code finder, which can search for vouchers online at websites you commonly spend money at. If there is a website you frequently visit, this feature can potentially save you from spending more than needed.

Utility switching is another big focus for Snoop. After entering your bills via the Snoop app, it will notify you if there are potential savings and deals suitable for you. If your current electricity deal is due to expire, for example, this is a fantastic feature to potentially save you money in the long term.


One of the biggest and most comprehensive budget apps is Monzo. It has grown from being a prepaid Mastercard to its own complete banking brand, and it is easy to see these years of learnings in the app.


Alongside tracking spending and setting budgets, Monzo gives you extra flexibility when organising bills and finances. The Salary Sorter feature is an excellent tool that can split your salary into different pots when you are paid e.g. savings and bills pots. This is a great way to help ease anxiety when deciding where your salary is going each month.

Savings pots can also be created for other goals and projects, such as an upcoming holiday, and with the automatic rounding-up tool, you can save the extra change into these pots with no hassle.


Monzo also maintains many of its features as a banking service, including making payments with your Monzo card and arranging an overdraft. It has continued to expand its banking arsenal with Monzo Flex, which enables users to buy now and pay later in instalments. There is also the option to access your salary early if it is paid directly into Monzo; a great peace of mind when organising your bills and utilities.

Starling Bank

Available on iOS and Android
Price: Free

Starling Bank is a budget app and financial service built with the digital world in mind. From the app, you can set instant notifications of payments entering or leaving your account, organise your mortgages and pensions into one place and lock your card using the app if it is misplaced. This built-for-digital focus has resulted in a simple yet deep service that is seamless to access. Starting with Starling is extremely easy via the app’s Current Account Switch Service.


Ease-of-use is a standout feature of Starling Bank, making managing budgets and payments as simple as possible. The ability to modify your contactless limit is a fantastic way to put the management of payments in the hands of the user and helps avoid overspending. The Settle Up tool is another useful payment management feature that lets the user split payments with a simple link; no more overpaying on bills at the restaurant.


Available on iOS and Android
Price: Free

If you are looking to put money away and focus on future investments, Moneybox is the app of choice. By seamlessly integrating into your normal payment routine, Moneybox makes it easy to put the pounds away.


When using the app, Moneybox can round up your purchases to the nearest pound and put any extra change away into a savings pot. If you are regularly spending £5.60 at a shop, for example, that extra 40p can go a long way over time.

Opening up a savings account with Moneybox also only requires £1 to get started, meaning there is no rush to start investing. An investment level, ranging from Cautious to Adventurous, can be set to cap how much Moneybox will begin investing for you.


Moneybox is all about responsible choice and works with you to help your money go further. Savings options such as the Lifetime ISA are designed as sensible savings funds; every £4 results in an extra £1, meaning a £4000 investment brings with it an extra £1000. This is potentially a great option if saving for a deposit.


Available on iOS
Price: £10 per year

Claro is an iOS-only financial coach in your pocket. Whilst Claro covers many of the other useful features found in other apps, such as visibility of all your accounts and spend tracking, this is all done with the aid of an expert financial coach. In 1:1 sessions, you can work with your coach to set financial goals that suit you. Learn how to save for your first home with expert advice, plan for retirement and ask any questions you may have. Help your money go further with a financial expert by your side.


Claro also contains numerous guides and tips to help you budget and save. You can learn to set money aside for a special day and understand your paycheck, with the information provided by the specialists. Claro is all about assisting with budgeting and savings, whilst helping the user understand why this is useful as they do so.


Using the right budget app can help you get your finances in shape and reduce the anxiety that comes with managing your money. To find other apps that can support you in your daily routine, check out our breakdown of insightful apps that can help you with managing your mindfulness and mental health.