What is Samsung Galaxy AI?

Galaxy AI Technology

Artificial intelligence has led companies to eagerly explore the potential for AI in their own products. One such company is Samsung with Galaxy AI, which debuted on the Galaxy S24 series of smartphones.

With Galaxy AI, you can use your Galaxy phone in many different ways, but you might still be wondering how the system will affect your user experience and what exactly Galaxy AI is. Our guide will take you through you what to expect and how it differs from other smart Samsung features like Bixby.

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How does Galaxy AI work?

It’s important to know that Samsung Galaxy AI is not an app or piece of downloadable software, but is built directly into specific Samsung smartphones. Not only can Galaxy AI aid in upgrading existing features and make tasks such as note taking easier to do, there are other tools to explore that you might not know about.

What are the features of Galaxy AI?


Taking accessibility on smartphones to the next level, Galaxy AI includes Live Translate and Interpreter features in its arsenal.

Live Translate provides real-time language translation for phone calls directly to your device, making multilingual communication a breeze. The on-board AI means you can use the feature without needing access to the internet, and supports up to 13 different languages (with more added over time).

Live Translate Feature

For in-person conversations, the Interpreter feature will translate in real-time in split-screen mode, immediately removing the language barrier for both parties.

Notes & message assistance

Three features come with Galaxy AI that improve messaging and communication with others: Chat Assist, Note Assist and Transcript Assist. The Chat Assist feature uses AI to generate text that is relevant to your conversation, inspiring ideas or composing full paragraphs.

Aiming to improve efficiency and creativity, the Note Assist tool enables you to easily create summaries with headings and bullet points for more concise reading, all from within the Notes app. You’ll need an internet connection and Samsung Account to use this feature.

Chat Assist Feature

Creating minutes was also made easier and more accessible with Transcript Assist. Users can transcribe, translate and summarise voice recordings from other contacts, without the need for additional input by the people involved.


Revolutionising the way in which we browse on our mobile phones, Circle to Search cuts out the need to open a search engine to find more information. Simply circle, highlight, tap or scribble on any image or word to search for it further, whether it’s a pair of shoes on a social media post or a tagged location you want to learn more about.

Circle to Search Feature


Smartphone photography continuously pushes boundaries, reaching a level of quality that exceeds many traditional cameras, but Galaxy AI proves that there are no limits when it comes to photo editing. The Edit Suggestion feature takes the leg work out of the editing process with instant in-app recommendations, helping you improve the appearance of your photos. This AI-powered feature is a helping hand for those new to the editing world.

Edit Suggestion Feature

For photos with imperfect composition, whether it’s a crooked image or an object that isn’t central, Generative Edit will automatically match and fill in the background image. Like many of these AI photography features, Generative Edit helps improve the visual quality of images while taking some of the burden off the user.

Videographers will take great interest in Instant Slow-mo, which creates additional frames in a video to slow down the movement without sacrificing quality; a great feature for taking action-packed videos.


You can still enjoy your smartphone with its usual high-quality display and features. If you don’t want the added benefits of Galaxy AI, or you just want to turn it off temporarily, it’s easy to disable; just go to Advanced Intelligence in the Settings menu and set your phone back to Standard.

What is the difference between Galaxy AI and Bixby?

Existing Samsung users may be wondering how Galaxy AI differs from Bixby, which was implemented on Samsung devices in 2017. Bixby is a virtual assistant, similar to Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant, which allows users to make quick searches for things like music, weather, or to make phone calls and send texts, without needing to search through the device.

Differently, Galaxy AI is an underlying AI system which informs features and tools behind the scenes. These systems are ultimately designed to improve efficiency and enhance the user experience.

Which phones support Galaxy AI?

Galaxy AI was introduced on the Galaxy S24, S24 Plus and S24 Ultra.

Now you understand the fundamentals of Galaxy AI and the benefits it can offer during everyday use, from language and text to enhanced photography. Speaking of photography, our guide to the top Galaxy phone cameras will help you find the ideal Samsung handset based on your needs.