The Best Flip Phones

The Best Flip Phones

Smartphones came full circle with the rise of modern flip phones, combining the space-saving functionality of that classic design with advanced performance. To help you find the best flip phone for your needs, our experts will take you through the top handsets you need to know about, detailing their unique designs, cameras, and more.

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Motorola Razr 40 Ultra

Motorola has roots in the very beginning of mobile phones history, and the brand has gone on to produce some of the best handsets available. With the Razr 40 Ultra, Motorola have brought forward the distinctive flip phone design to the modern day, combining it with outstanding visuals and smart design for a truly unique smartphone experience.

It all starts, of course, with the flip clamshell design. The inherent appeal of being able to flip one half of the phone is space; as phones got bigger, they became harder to carry around and fit comfortably in our pockets. Flip phones fix this problem, but some early handsets struggled with a hinge that was far too prominent and distracting.


The Razr 40 Ultra offers a masterclass in modern clamshell design. Its hinge system enables the device to flip over without leaving a perceptible crease, ensuring that there’s no annoying line in the centre of the screen when watching videos or gaming.

This clever design immediately establishes the Razr 40 Ultra as one of the best flip phones out there, but the praise doesn’t stop there. The visual performance on offer here is also superb, headlined by a vibrant 6.9” 1080p OLED display. Not only that, touch responsiveness rivals some of the top premium phones on the market, thanks to the mightily impressive 165Hz refresh rate.

When flipped over, screen size switches to 3.2” on the external display. Despite the obvious reduction in viewing real estate, you’re still getting a crisp OLED panel with HDR10+ for unbeatable lighting and contrasts.


At the heart of the Razr 40 Ultra is a lightweight and fast version of Android 13, bringing with it many useful features such as Material You for enhanced customisation of menus, and the reworked media player.

What we have here is a best-in-class flip phone that doesn’t compromise on quality when flipped, or in standard mode. If you’ve been looking for a new, unique handset that still offers a premium viewing experience, the Razr 40 Ultra is a must-have.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Samsung released their own excellent flip phone with the Galaxy Z Flip 4, and in our review we came away very impressed by its striking visual performance and unique hardware features.


As one of the earlier devices in the flip phone market, design features like the hinge and crease are more prominent than later models, but this is a compromise worth having for several reasons.

Firstly are the different ways you can view films, videos and take calls on the Flip 4. No longer do you need to bend over your phone to see the screen; with Flex Mode, the Flip 4 can be positioned at an angle to comfortably watch whatever you like. Sporting an AMOLED panel and refresh rate of 120Hz, the ability to view it in a range of positions is an impressive level of versatility.


Secondly is the useful Cover Screen, which activates when the phone is flipped over. From here, you can view texts and other notifications, without needing to open your phone up. This level of functionality is a joy to experience, but it can be elevated further with widgets, such as the Spotify Music Player.

Whether you’re already a fan of Samsung’s phones, or considering the Galaxy Z Flip 4 from the outside, this handset has a lot to offer.

Motorola Razr 2022

We head back to 2022 for our next choice of the best flip phones. The Motorola Razr 2022 laid the foundations for future handsets in the range, and it remains an exceptional flip phone in its own right.

Early on with their flip phone handsets, Motorola figured out how to enable the handset to bend without needing a visible crease or hinge. This is very much evident on the Razr 2022, allowing it to excel as an all-round media device.


Films, games and videos all look exceptional on the Razr 2022. Front and centre is a 6.8” AMOLED screen, coupled with a smooth refresh rate of 144Hz. When flipped, the external screen is 2.7”, yet it retains the same AMOLED panel technology.

Battery life is another area of the Razr 2022 that pulls no punches. High resolution displays like the one it possesses can be very power-hungry, so having a large capacity battery, with fast charging to support it, is vitally important. The Razr 2022 ticks both boxes with its 3500mAh capacity and 35W charging cable out of the box.


Motorola crafted one of the best flip phones available with the Razr 2022. Excellent visuals and strong battery life make it a standout companion to have with you on-the-go.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G

We sang the praises of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G in our review, citing its sleek design and excellent photography tools. Most impressively is how well Samsung transitioned many of their flagship handsets’ features to the flip phone format, ensuring that you’re getting the same great performance.

Key to the Flip 3 succeeding as a flip phone is Samsung’s Hideaway Hinge. This nifty piece of hardware enables the device to fold over with minimal disruption to the viewing experience. What a great experience it is too; 6.7” and containing an AMOLED panel for beautiful colours and contrasts.


The Flip 3 was also the next handset to feature Flex Mode, letting you positioning it at different angles based on your preference.

If you enjoy taking photos with your phone, the Flip 3 offers something different. With its Flex Mode, you can set it down at an angle and take selfies via the 12MP ultra-wide and wide-angle lenses, without needing to prop it up. For group selfies in particular, the Flip 3 provides extra versatility that a traditional phone can’t match.


Our picks of the best flip phones have an incredible amount to offer, including great cameras and photography software. For a deeper dive into the top camera phones available, check out our detailed guide.