Best iPhone games

Best iPhone games

There is a wide range of games to choose from on iPhone, but it can be tricky to decide which games to dedicate your spare time to. In this guide, we aim to do exactly that: help you choose the best iPhone games available on the App Store and Apple Arcade service.

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Price: £4.99/month Apple Arcade subscription

Apple’s curated approach to games on iPhone has culminated in Apple Arcade, an optional subscription service with access to multiple premium games. One such example is Grindstone, a block-matching game that has a considerably higher level of quality than other match-3 titles around, and is one of the best iOS games available.


In Grindstone, you work through levels by matching enemies of the same colour, and removing them from the board. Longer chains build up more power and produce a grindstone, which can then be used to switch colours during a chain and take down more enemies. The gameplay loop in Grindstone is simple, but what elevates it is the constant pressure of whether to leave a level, or continue grinding away for the chance of better loot.


This deceptively deep gameplay is wrapped in a phenomenal art style, reminiscent of a Saturday morning cartoon. Grindstone is very much the embodiment of Apple’s premium gaming service and is easy to recommend as a top game on iPhone.

Assemble With Care

Price - £4.99/month Apple Arcade subscription

Assemble With Care is a narrative puzzle game in which you pull apart and reassemble objects belonging to people around the main character’s hometown.


The puzzles in Assemble With Care are not especially difficult, nor are they intended to be so; instead, the focus in this game is on the narrative, specifically the stories each character has to tell. Their object needing repair is the lens through which these stories can be told, and they are funny, poignant, and deeply emotional. One example sees you delicately repairing a cassette player, during which you learn about the significance this cassette holds to the owner.


Assemble With Care is a journey through the lives of everyday people and their experiences. With a stunning hand-illustrated style, the game has been developed with incredible care, much like the items that need reassembling.

Marvel Snap


Marvel Snap is a game we showcased on our best Android games list and include it here too as one of the best iPhone games.


The gameplay of Marvel Snap is card-based: the aim is to win two out of three lanes in a match by playing cards with power levels and abilities. On the surface, some card games such as Marvel Snap can be daunting with how many cards are available, each with its own strategies of how to be played. Whilst Snap is strategically deep to this extent, it eases players into the gameplay loop with easy-to-digest tutorials and a steady stream of new cards to experiment with. There is no throwing into the deep end, instead, you have the opportunity to learn the game at your own pace with others at your collection level.


Marvel Snap brilliantly combines a collection-building loop with complex yet simple card gameplay to produce one of the very best iPhone games and an instant mobile classic.



Brawlhalla is one of the leading games in the character fighter genre and, despite also being on most other platforms, has found a home on mobile thanks to its pick up & play gameplay and how impressively it runs on the majority of devices, especially on recent phones.


Fights in Brawlhalla consist of one or more players attempting to knock each other out of the arena. Its natural overarching inspiration is Super Smash Bros. from Nintendo, but Brawlhalla charts its own course in several key ways, the first of which is how characters are unlocked.

Compared to Smash Bros. as a full-price purchase, Brawlhalla is free-to-play and features a weekly rotation of characters to choose from. In-game currency can then be earned and spent on permanently unlocking characters to add to your personal roster. This a la carte unlock structure gives greater freedom to the player on how they want to play, as well as opening Brawlhalla up to a wider audience.


The second way in which Brawlhalla sets itself apart is in the gameplay. Alongside the unique abilities each character has are sets of weapons that appear during matches. These range from traditional weapons such as swords and axes, to unconventional ones like orbs and scythes. Characters can use certain weapons and not others, adding a layer of randomness to each battle to make them even more chaotic.

Multiple crossovers with the likes of Hellboy and Adventure Time have considerably expanded the game’s roster, and with Battle, and Pass unlockables to earn each Season, Brawlhalla continues to be hugely rewarding and is one of the best iOS games around.

Shovel Knight Dig

Price - £4.99/month Apple Arcade subscription

Part platformer, part dungeon crawler, Shovel Knight Dig is a superb mobile instalment of the renowned adventure series. Shovel Knight is tasked with chasing after Drill Knight, who has ambushed him and stolen his loot, retreating underground.


Shovel Knight Dig maintains the top-tier platforming gameplay that made the rest of the series so fun to play, but this time, you will be doing more than just jumping and fighting. Roguelite mechanics have been introduced which add a satisfying gameplay loop to the mix, including procedurally generated levels that are different each time the player reaches them. Each playthrough of Shovel Knight Dig is therefore unique and feels fresh.


When you are defeated, it also isn’t the end. Any gems earned throughout a run are kept, which can be spent on better gear to make your next run that little bit easier. Shovel Knight Dig fully embodies this roguelike approach and offers a completely original adventure that can be picked up at any time.

Sayonara Wild Hearts

Price - £4.99/month Apple Arcade subscription

Rhythm games had a renaissance in the late 2000s thanks to Guitar Hero and Rock Band, yet the genre continues to go strong with games like Sayonara Wild Hearts.


The game is split into 23 levels, each of which has different mechanics to learn. One level sees you jump over obstacles to the beat of the music, whilst another requires you to aim a bow at oncoming enemies. There’s an impressive amount of level variety in Sayonara Wild Hearts, each backed by a fantastic song from the game’s soundtrack.

The music of Sayonara Wild Hearts is the star of the show, a pop-infused dreamscape that is more than just background noise. Not only does the music contribute to gameplay, but it also fuels the game’s heartbreaking story and fundamentally shapes the levels as you play.


Rarely do gameplay and sound combine to create such a gripping experience, so Sayonara Wild Hearts should be at the forefront of your mind when gaming on iPhone and iOS.

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