The Best Samsung A Series Phones

The Best Samsung A Series Phones

It’s common for many smartphone brands to pair their premium range with a more affordable set of options. For Samsung, the Galaxy A Series is the answer, and it sits alongside the more premium devices that are part of the Galaxy S Series range.

In this detailed guide, we run down the best Samsung A Series phones you can buy, so you can find the ideal handset to match your needs.

Many of these A Series devices, along with plenty of others, can be found in our extensive Samsung phone collection.

Which Samsung A Series phone is the best?

1 – Samsung Galaxy A54 5G

The Galaxy A54 5G is an impressive distillation of the Samsung A Series, representing its core values of affordability and great performance.


Huge strides have been taken with this phone to ensure there’s minimal sacrifice of powerful technology found inside Samsung’s flagship devices to keep the price down. This is immediately evident when looking at its stunning 6.4” Super AMOLED display, which can also refresh up to 120Hz for a silky-smooth viewing experience when playing games, streaming films or browsing online.


The processor in the A54 5G also pulls no punches. Its Exynos 1380 chipset is fast, efficient, and able to hold its own when running the most demanding tasks, be it switching regularly between apps or playing a fast-paced mobile game.

You’ll be able to use the A54 5G for just over 24 hours, thanks to its 5000mAh battery. For a phone focused on affordability, this is truly exceptional and blows some top-of-the-line devices out of the water.


Capping off one of the best phones in the A Series is a camera array that makes taking detailed photos on the go a breeze. Packed in is a 50MP main camera, 12 MP wide lens and 5MP macro camera, giving you a wide range of possible shots for a snip of the price.

2 – Samsung Galaxy A23 5G

Similarly to the A54, the Galaxy A23 5G packs in some impressive tech at the mid-range level, and serves as a fantastic entry point for 5G wireless connectivity.


Performance when browsing in 5G is supported by a fast chipset at the A23’s core: the Snapdragon 695. The Snapdragon is a processor series synonymous with smartphones, and the 695 iteration offers excellent speeds when switching between apps, playing games, or watching films.

Powering the A23 is a similar 5000mAh battery to the one found in the A54, complete with 25W wired charging for fast recharge times and over 24 hours worth of usage. If you’re taking photos with the A23’s detail-rich 50MP camera, you’ll have little risk of running out of juice.


The viewing experience on the Galaxy A23 is also impressive at its price range, and whilst it doesn’t provide the stunning contrast levels found on AMOLED displays, its 6.6” LCD screen cements the A23 as an excellent, affordable entertainment device.

3 – Samsung Galaxy A34 5G

If a sturdy, resilient phone with superb visuals is your target device, the Galaxy A34 5G is one of the best A Series devices, and should be near the top of your list.


Helping protect the Galaxy A34 is IP67 resistance, one of the highest protection ratings for devices. This ensures that the A34 can withstand damage from dust particles and liquids, as well as submersion in water up to one metre.

We mentioned the A34’s excellent visuals, and they stand out as one of this phone’s leading features. It comes equipped with a 6.6” AMOLED display; an exceptional screen on a device sold as a mid-range alternative to its premium S Series siblings. With a refresh rate of 120Hz too, using the A34 feels smooth and seamless, supported further still by its MediaTek 1080 processor.


It also features a slightly larger body than other A Series phones, such as the A54, at 161mm tall. If you prefer a device that offers a bit more screen real estate, the A34 has you covered.

4 – Samsung Galaxy A14 5G

Next up in our recommendations is the Galaxy A14 5G, which matches most of the A Series for size, but excels with a fantastic set of cameras and consistently great processing speeds.


Key to why the A14 impresses like it does as a camera phone, is its versatility. The camera array consists of a 50MP main lens, a 2MP macro camera and 2MP depth lens, which enable you to take a variety of photos with impressive detail. Higher pixel counts are essential if you’re taking large images that will be cropped when editing, and so whilst the A14’s macro and depth lenses won’t usurp more premium camera arrays, at this price, you’re still getting fantastic image quality.

There’s also minimal lag when taking photos, thanks to the MediaTek Dimensity 700 processor. This continues the trend of A Series phones including fast and powerful chipsets that don’t break the bank.


There’s a lot of phone to love here in the A14 5G. With its versatile photography tools, sharp 6.6” display and reliable performance, it’s a must-have handset for photographers who don’t want to buy from the premium smartphone market.

5 – Samsung Galaxy A04s

The Galaxy A04s is one of the best Samsung A Series phones we can recommend, driven by its balance of affordability and visual quality.

This handset was designed as an entry-level device to not just the A Series, but the wider Galaxy range of phones, so to see a high level of visual performance at this price range is mightily impressive.


Front and centre is a 6.5” LCD display, with a refresh rate of 90Hz. Colours are sharp, bright, and bursting with detail, making it an exceptional entertainment device for gaming, watching films and taking photos.

The Exynos 850 processor in the A04s keeps things running smoothly from boot-up to switch off. Processing performance on the A04s won’t blow away the competition, but again, it’s vitally important to consider the price range we’re talking about; in this entry-level phone, it makes it a mini-powerhouse.


Battery-wise, the A04s shares parity with many of its sibling devices at 5000mAh. Again, Samsung have included impressive tech here at the budget-to-mid range, and regardless of whether you’re buying this phone for yourself, a child or a friend, they’ll have plenty of battery life to keep the A04s going for almost a full day of usage.

Now that you’ve seen the best Samsung A Series phones available, you can purchase the device that suits you and your requirements. If you want to learn more about Samsung’s wider phone collection, take a look at several other handsets that stand out from the competiti