Everything But The Kitchen Sink

Everything But The Kitchen Sink

The first ever smartphone to enter the mobile scene was the Simon Personal Communicator released by IBM back in 1994. As well as calls, it was able to send and receive emails, faxes and pages, and also featured an address book, calendar, calculator, clock and notepad. At the time of release it was considered cutting-edge in terms of how many tasks it could perform.

However, since the arrival of the first iPhone in 2007, the advancements in smartphone technology have been gradually making our lives easier. This has involved replacing hundreds of physical items, and adapting them into easily accessible mobile phone applications and features which we use every day.

There's an app for that...

With the release of iOS 2.0, Apple launched the App Store in July 2008, and simultaneously revolutionised the way we view our mobile phones. The App Store initially featured 552 applications with 135 of them being free, and within three months of launching it generated over 100 million downloads.

In a short space of time, smartphones went from being mere communication devices, to televisions, satnavs, torches, cameras, game consoles, alarm clocks and cookery books - and even incorporating smaller items that you may not have thought of such as spirit levels.

More than just a phone

Our latest research depicts fifty top household items that you now don’t need to own thanks to your mobile phone. Here's what they look like laid out together:

An iPhone 11 weighs only 194g compared to the estimated 34.35kg weight of the 50 ‘extras’ that we would have to own without our new devices. If we were to carry around all these items, this would equate to lifting 69 bags of sugar, or the average weight of a nine year old.

That's a lot to carry!

The list in full...

Wondering about the full capabilities of your smartphone? Here's a rundown of all the items featured above.

*Estimate weights and prices

If you think your own device is missing anything listed above, a short trip to your app store should rectify the situation. Here's our top ten downloads for saving extra pocket space:

Calcbot - The intelligent calculator - Apple/Android - FREE
Spirit level Made Simple/ Bubble level - Apple/Android - FREE
Scanner App - PDF Document Scan/ CamScanner - Apple/ Android - FREE
Alarm Clock HD - Apple/Android - FREE
Instant: The Polaroid Instant Camera - Apple/Android - FREE
Precise Digital Compass/ Digital Compass - Apple/Android - FREE
Notebook - Take Notes, Sync across devices - Apple/Android - FREE
i-Ruler/ Ruler app - Apple/Android - FREE
GPS navigation -Apple/Android - FREE
Encyclopedia-Britannica - Apple/Android - FREE

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