If you live in a busy, built-up city it might be strange to remember that not everyone in the UK receives a super-fast phone signal. For many smartphone users, particularly those who live in remote locations, being unable to send texts and make calls at home can still be a major frustration.

There are ways you can give your weak mobile signal a boost. Take a stand against patchy reception and remain connected by following our advice below.

Don't reach for the sky

Before we get started with our top signal boosting tips, we need to shed some light on a major myth surrounding phone signal. Even to this day, you'll probably notice people holding their smartphone up in the air, or waving it around in an attempt to strengthen their connection. However, no matter how far you stretch your arm, this will always be a fruitless gesture.

The only way this will work is if you move your phone higher than an actual physical obstruction. For example, materials such as concrete, wire mesh, glass and metal sliding commonly used in buildings can prevent wireless signals from reaching your device. This is why many people suggest moving to an open window, or avoid areas like lifts and basements.

Here are another 10 smartphone myths debunked.

Assess your current location

Does your signal seem to drop in the same place in your home? If you find this is the case, spend some time evaluating your surroundings. As mentioned, many buildings feature materials that can block your connection so you might wish to move to a different area when making an important call.

Electronic devices can have a negative effect on your phone signal too. Items like microwaves, baby monitors and even your Wi-Fi router can potentially cause disruption.

Did you know your smartphone could do all this stuff?

Try Wi-Fi calling

For those who suffer weak phone signal at home, opting for Wi-Fi Calling instead can be an excellent solution. Wi-Fi Calling automatically uses your wireless internet connection instead of your network to make and receive calls, without sacrificing audio quality.

Most major networks offer Wi-Fi Calling, but it's best to double check. You should find out if your device supports this technology too, and enable the feature in your phone's settings. Even if you can't use Wi-Fi Calling, you can make calls and send texts using your Wi-Fi connection with apps such as Skype, FaceTime and Whatsapp etc.

Invest in a network signal booster

If you're still struggling with your phone signal, pick up a signal booster from your network provider.

Signal boosters essentially use your Wi-Fi connection to amplify your network coverage around your home, improving your phone signal indoors. You will be able to purchase a signal booster from your network's website or in store.

Check a phone signal map

If you're thinking about purchasing a new smartphone, check OpenSignal's phone coverage map first. Approved by Which?, you simply have to key in your location, choose your preferred network and select the type of coverage you desire (2G, 3G or 4G).

A detailed map of the UK will then appear with information concerning the signal strength in your area. You can try the OpenSignal map for yourself here.

Refresh your signal

Have you tried turning your phone off an on again? We're being serious. Sometimes, phones can get a little bit confused when searching for their nearest cell tower. Refresh your signal by performing a reboot on your mobile, and see if this helps your device to establish a connection.

How to increase your mobile signal at home

One of the most frustrating things that can happen to you is to lose your wi-fi signal and have poor signal where you live. One of the easiest ways to regain signal is to move into another room where your signal may be stronger.

If this doesn't help your cause then you can help assist the signal getting into your house by cracking open a window, removing the glass obstruction. Also,try moving away from other electronic objects that may cause the waves to get muddled.

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