iPhone 6c Preview: The Next Affordable iPhone...

iPhone 6c Preview: The Next Affordable iPhone...

Apple is no stranger to success. Whether it’s the cult following of the first iPod or the more recent launch of the iPhone 6, Apple hasn’t failed to impress at its board meetings.

But with the latest iPhone’s success still in recent memory, is it time to talk about a follow-up?

It certainly is, and if the rumours making the rounds prove to be legitimate, it seems that we could see a couple of successors make an appearance.

The iPhone 6s seems a certainty, but there’s still plenty of chatter about the iPhone 6c…

What is the iPhone 6c?

For those who’ve been living under a rock over the past couple years, the iPhone 6c is the long-rumoured follow up to the iPhone 5c – which launched back in 2013 alongside the iPhone 5s. It offered Apple fans a slightly more affordable option when shopping for a new smartphone, whilst also providing a splash of colour in what was previously a very minimalist selection from Apple.

The iPhone 6c is expected to offer a similar role with the side by side release of the 6s, giving fans of the iPhone a colourful and somewhat cheaper handset to pick from. It’s also likely to bring a smaller display along for the ride as well as ditching the glossy plastic look from yesteryear for a more widely accepted metallic construction.

As you might expect, it won’t quite pack the same specs as the more advanced iPhone 6s, but it could match up with the iPhone 6. Also, any extra features are probably likely to give the 6c a miss, so you can expect features like Force Touch to stay at home.

iPhone 6c Specs

The iPhone 6c definitely isn’t going to pack the most powerful specs going, but it is still set to offer that classic Apple quality when it comes down to its performance.

The first big change to the spec sheet is likely to be that of its display, which isn’t expected to grow a fraction over 4”. This will give it more of a retro feel to the likes of the iPhone 5s, which was a similar size and proved a little bit easier to handle.

Behind the screen we’re set to find a more updated Apple A8 processor, which is exactly the same as the one found in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but a step behind the 6s which could boast an A9 chip. Camera lovers will be offered the same 8 megapixel effort as is shown on the iPhone 6 as well, so 6c users won’t be missing out on the photography front either.

Throw in some of the features from the iPhone 6 as well, like TouchID and Apple Pay, and that should sum up the 6c’s deal.

“The iPhone 6c definitely isn’t going to pack the most powerful specs going, but it is still set to offer that classic Apple quality when it comes down to its performance”.

A Step up from the 5c

The iPhone 5c isn’t Apple’s most renowned handset, but it’s still well worthy of a successor – as proven by the sales numbers of the handset. Given the right backing, a 6c handset could offer a real moneymaking platform for Apple as well as an improvement for iPhone 5c users.

The iPhone 5c proved that there was a market for a colourful iPhone after its launch, with estimated sales figures of 24m+ following its release. Admittedly, it was outsold by the more powerful and more expensive iPhone 5s on a 2:1 ratio, but this shouldn’t take away from the 5c’s overall success.

In fact, the 5c even gained something of a cult status, and one which made it a smart acquisition for anyone looking to get on the iPhone hype without paying the maximum amount for a new handset. Apple even added to this affordable style by launching an 8GB version of the handset, which despite being desperately cramped, still sold well.

Whilst we wouldn’t expect Apple to boast another 8GB model with the iPhone 6c, it certainly makes for good cause to announce another go for the colourful handset.

An iPod Touch Relative?

One of Apple’s recent moves also points toward the possible existence of the iPhone 6c, that being the reinvigorated launch of the latest iPod Touch. Many had the device slated for slow and quiet demise, much like the iPod Classic, but Apple surprised us all by announcing yet another update for it.

However, it also rocks many specs we’d expect to see in the iPhone 6c, as we mentioned earlier. A 4” display, A8 processor and even the colourful design are all there. Throw in a mobile antenna and Touch ID and you’ll have yourself a fully-fledged smartphone, and one which could be a real shower on the sales front.

iPhone 5c Sales

Apple is rumoured to have moved over 24 million iPhone 5c units since the release of the handset, proving that it wasn’t the failure like some media outlets reported…

Whilst we shouldn’t be taking this as confirmation of the handset, it certainly makes for good reading for those on the hunt for a cheaper and more colourful iPhone…

Will we get the iPhone 6c?

All of this does point to a near-imminent launch for the iPhone 6c, with a release likely to take place later on this September. Apple has surprised us with some extra devices over previous years, so the 6c launch certainly wouldn’t be surprising, but with Apple’s track record of mystery, we’d be equally expectant to see just one device make its way out this fall as well.

Either way, it certainly makes for an exciting prospect for the upcoming Apple launch event, which will no doubt draw in big numbers on its annual livestream…

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