Everything You Need To Know About Claiming Cashback

Everything You Need To Know About Claiming Cashback

Ordered yourself a new mobile or SIM deal that comes with cashback? Congrats! You have some extra pocket money on its way to you.

If your deal features Automatic Cashback, then sit tight - there's nothing else you need to do except put your feet up and wait for the postman. If you have a Cashback by Redemption deal, then there are just a few things to be aware of.

Here's everything you need to know.

How Does Cashback Work?

Cashback is an option that’s available on many SIM-only plans and handsets here at Mobiles.co.uk, and can make it even easier for you to get your hands on great smartphones at a more cost-effective price.

There are two ways in which you can receive your rebate if you choose a plan that offers you cashback. These are Automatic Cashback and Cashback by Redemption.

Automatic cashback: After you purchase, there’s nothing further required, all you have to do is keep an eye on your letterbox. You’ll receive the total sum by cheque within 38 working days, so just sit tight and it’ll be with you before you know it.

Cashback by redemption: This provides a cashback plan, with five installments over the length of your contract. It also usually equates to a larger overall sum (bonus!). Instead of the cashback being sent automatically, this options means you’ll need to claim your cashback at set intervals in your by sending in your bill (as proof that your phone contract payments are ongoing).


How Do I Claim Cashback Online?

If you’re not sure about your cashback amount or totals, make sure to visit your online account. By logging into My Account at the top of our site, you’ll be able to see a header labelled My Auto Cashback, or My Cashback. If your deal states Automatic Cashback, then you don’t need to get in touch with us.

For redemption, the My Cashback section is what you need, and your online account is the easist way to claim. In order to receive your cashback, you need to send your network bill for the months requested, which you can view in My Account.

Your requested bills must be uploaded within 60 days of the bill date (so remember to set the reminder in your calendar) as a PDF, JPG, BMP or a PNG format. You also need to make sure that they include your:

• Name
• Mobile phone number
• Home address
• The date of the bill
• The current tariff

Can I Claim Cashback Any Other Ways?

If you’d prefer not to upload digitally, you can still use traditional methods, such as Royal Mail.

If you choose to post your bills to us, please make sure that they’re the originals, as we can’t accept photocopies. We recommend recorded delivery so you can track your submission, and so you’ll get proof of your postage.

Our postal address is:

Dixons Carphone Online Solutions,
PO Box 694
M5 0PJ


How Long Does Cashback Take To Arrive

Automatic cashback takes 38 working days from the start of your contract to arrive.

Each Cashback by Redemption can take up to 28 working days for the cheque to be received, from the day you upload it.

Please note, it can also take us up to 14 working days to process a claim.

Why has my cashback been rejected?

If your cashback has been rejected, there's no need to worry. You may have just made a small error regarding the information we need.

You have 60 days to claim, so just be sure to submit again within this time.

Here are the most common reasons for cashback claims being rejected:

• Uploading the wrong month’s bill, as opposed of the one requested
• The uploaded bill doesn’t include the necessary account information (see above)
• The file is uploaded in an incorrect format (see above)
Moving address or changing mobile number without updating it in your account

And remember - if you choose to post your bills, please make sure you send the original copy - photocopied versions of your bills can't be accepted.

Additionally, if you have more than one order, you must claim separately for each account. This is becaus each claim must be uploaded against it's own order ID.

Where Can I Find Cashback Deals?

So getting cashback is as easy as that!

To browe our top cashback deals, take a look right here. Happy saving!