Handset Contracts vs SIM Only: Which is Right For You?

Handset Contracts vs SIM Only: Which is Right For You?

If you’re on the hunt for a new contract, but unsure whether a handset or SIM only contract is the best choice for you, our detailed guide is here to help.

Below we take a look at some of the benefits of both handset deals and SIM only, and the different options available for you to choose from.

Which Network is Right For You?

At Mobiles.co.uk you can take your pick of networks. Vodafone and iD Mobiles offer contracts on a variety of lengths and options whereas Voxi currently offers SIM Only rolling-monthly tariffs.

With a variety of reliable network providers available, you can easily find the perfect tariff for you, regardless of your data requirements. SIM Only contracts are a great option for those wanting flexibility of shorter agreements, with no long-term commitment. Phone contracts, on the other hand, are ideal for those staying up-to-date with the latest flagship devices.

The Benefits of a Contract

Mobiles.co.uk offers a range of handset contracts with a variety of data bundles and price points, letting you find a tariff which suits your specific needs and budget.

iD Mobile

iD Mobile offers handset on 24 month contracts, with big-data bundles on your choice of mobile phone. iD Mobile has great benefits available such as free data rollover and iD Roaming, so you can roam while on holiday.


Vodafone also offers 24-month handset contracts. You can choose from a variety of deals, depending on your budget. The cheapest option is a ‘Basic’ plan which simply provides calls, texts and data. Vodafone also offer Entertainment packages, with a choice of Amazon Prime or YouTube Premium. You can enjoy further benefits with ‘VeryMe’ - a loyalty programme exclusively for Vodafone mobile customers packed with weekly treats, offers and discounts.

Benefits of SIM Only

Whether you’re after greater flexibility, or want to save money on your bill, moving to a SIM only connection is a great option. SIM contracts offer cheaper line rental, as you don’t have the price of a new handset included.

iD Mobile and Vodafone offers 1, 12 and 24-month deals with SIM only, whereas Voxi simply offers rolling-monthly SIMs. Shorter contracts are perfect if you are unsure how much data you’re likely to use each month, or want to save some cash while waiting for an upcoming handset release. Longer SIM contracts are perfect if you’re happy with your current handset, and want the cheapest option.


SIM deals also feature the same great benefits found on mobile contracts, such as international roaming, entertainment bundles, and cashback savings. If you’re unsure of which network is best for you, why not check out our other blogs such as ‘The Benefits of SIM Only’.

Additionally, if you’re due an upgrade, you don’t have to select a phone contract, you can upgrade to a SIM Only and start saving today. If you want to switch to a different network, you can also do this without the hassle.

Upfront Costs

When looking for a contract, the upfront cost is worth bearing in mind. When choosing the best value deal, tariffs with higher upfront costs often work out cheaper over the course of your agreement. This is because paying more upfront will reduce your monthly bills, as you have less to pay off towards the value of a handset.


So, next time you’re looking at a deal, you may want to choose the tariff with a higher upfront cost as it means you will likely pay less in the long run.


With a variety of plans to choose from at Mobiles.co.uk, you might end up spoilt for choice.

For more advice, be sure to take a look at our blogs, and discover the ultimate guides to our best manufacturers, best value free gifts, and how to upgrade at Mobiles.co.uk. Just take a look here.