How to multitask with iPadOS

How to multitask with iPadOS

As long as you're running iPad OS 11 or higher on your iPad, you should have access to a number of helpful features which have been designed to make multitasking with an iPad a breeze.

It's simple to quickly set up and use two of Apple's main multitasking features - Split View and Slide Over. You'll find easy to follow, step-by-step guides below, alongside a few other helpful tips and tricks to help you make the most out of your iPad.

Split View

As the name suggests, Split View makes it possible to view and use two different apps at the same time by separating the screen into two. Once activated, you'll be able to do things like search for directions on Maps while browsing for a place to eat on Safari, or continue to watch your favourite Netflix show as you reply to an email.


Each app will have its own re-sizable pane when you use Split View, meaning you can keep both apps the same size or make one larger than the other. Before we get started however, it's important to check your iPad's specs. Split View is only available on the following iPad devices, as long as the device is running iPadOS 11 or higher:

• iPad Pro
• 5th Generation iPad or later
• iPad Air 2 or later
• iPad Mini 4 or later

How to use Split View on iPadOS

  1. First, you'll need to make multitasking possible. Open Settings > General > Multitasking & Dock.
  2. From here, ensure Allow Multiple Apps is turned on. Switch on Picture-in-Picture and Gestures if they're also disabled.
  3. Now you're ready to get started with Split View. Open the first app that you'd like to use by simply pressing on its icon.
  4. Once your chosen app is open, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access the Dock.
  5. From here, tap and hold on the second app you'd like to use. Then, drag the second app to either the right or left of your iPad's screen to start Split View.
  6. If your preferred app isn't in your Dock, you might want to spend some time customising it with your favourites first before continuing with Split View.
  7. To adjust the size of your apps, move the app divider. Drag it to the centre to give both apps an equal space on your screen, or to the left or right to make one app bigger than the other.
  8. To end Split View, simply drag the app divider completely over the app you no longer wish to use.

Slide Over

Alternatively, you can choose Slide Over instead of Split View to help you multitask on your iPad. It works in a similar way, allowing you to drag apps straight out of the Dock and position them on the screen. They'll appear in an iPhone-sized pane, and you can swipe it away - or summon it back - with a quick sliding action.


Let's look at how to setup Slide Over; you'll find it's accessible on the same iPad devices listed under the Split View section above.

How to use Slide Over on iPadOS

  1. Check multitasking is enabled on your iPad. To do this, head to Settings > General > Multitask & Dock and make sure Allow Multiple Apps is switched on. You should also enable Gestures and Picture-in-Picture.
  2. Exit Settings to begin.
  3. Open your first app, then swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
  4. The Dock will open. From here, touch and hold your finger on your second app, and drag it into position on your screen.
  5. And that's it - you're successfully using Slide Over.

Slide Over with Split View

If using two apps at once simply isn't enough, you can even activate Slide Over on top of Split View to access three apps at the same time. Make sure you follow the steps in our guide first and once that's setup you can continue with the following:

  1. Swipe up to access the Dock once more, and locate your third app.
  2. Tap and hold the app, then drag it on top of the app divider.
  3. If you'd like to move the app you've just added, tap and hold - to drag left and right.
  4. No longer need the app? Tap and hold again and drag it right until it reaches the end of the screen. The app will disappear.
  5. Want the app back? Swipe left from the right of the screen and it'll instantly return.


Picture-in-Picture can only be activated when you're watching a video, either on apps like Netflix and YouTube, or with FaceTime.


Picture-in-Picture allows you to quickly get tasks done - whether that's replying to an email, answering a text or catching up on your Instagram comments - without having to pause what you're watching, or end a video call. Learn how to use Picture-in-Picture in just 5 steps below.

  1. Whenever you're using FaceTime or watching a video, lookout for the Picture-in-Picture button. It consists of two triangles: one has a grey border with a downward facing arrow, and the other is a smaller, solid grey rectangle.
  2. Press the Picture-in-Picture button, and the video will scale down and move to the corner of your iPad's screen.
  3. From here, you'll be able to open up your second app without stopping the video or ending your FaceTime call.
  4. If you'd like to reposition the video pane, just drag and drop it to a location that suits you.
  5. Finished with your task and want to return to full-screen viewing? Just tap the Picture-in-Picture button once more.

And that's it - multitasking made easy with iPadOS. If you're interested in expanding your Apple collection, and you're looking for a new iPhone, make sure you turn to you can find the best contract and SIM-free deals on all the latest iPhones, including the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.