How to set up a Fitbit

How to set up a Fitbit

For anyone wanting to track how many steps they take each day, or the number of calories they burn through exercise, a Fitbit is an essential piece of kit. When attached to your wrist, it accompanies you during your exercises and tracks different metrics, helping you plan out your fitness routines each day.

In this guide we’ll explain how to set up a Fitbit, from account creation to connecting it with your phone, so you can start tracking different health metrics in no time.

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Fitbit-compatible phones

Does Fitbit work with iPhone?

Fitbit works with most modern smartphones across iOS (the Apple operating system). If your iPhone is running on iOS 14 or a later version, you can download the Fitbit app.

Does Fitbit work with Android?

Fitbit is also compatible with the majority of Android devices on Android 9 or later versions.

Step 1: Download the Fitbit app

Begin by downloading the Fitbit app from your device’s app store. That might be Apple App Store (for iPhones) or Google Play Store (for Android phones).


Next, you’ll need to either log in with your existing account, or create one if it’s your first device. Ensure the Fitbit is connected to its charger to avoid any issues should setup be interrupted.

Step 2: Pairing your phone and Fitbit tracker

After logging in or creating your Fitbit account, wake up your device by pressing the button on its side; this will turn on your Fitbit and get it ready for the setup process.


On the app, press the ‘Profile’ icon in the top-left of the screen and select ‘Set Up a Device’. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on, as this is needed to pair your phone and Fitbit tracker together.

Select the device you want to set up and follow the next steps.

Step 3: Pair your phone and Fitbit devices

To sync your phone and Fitbit, enter the PIN code (it will appear on your Fitbit device) in the app when prompted.


Your Fitbit device will now be connected to your account. From here, you can start setting targets and track them from the app in real-time.

Setting up a Fitbit Ace tracker

The Fitbit Ace range of trackers are designed for children, with a collection of colourful designs and styles. A Fitbit Ace can be connected to an existing Fitbit account and managed by a parent.


To set up a Fitbit Ace device:

  1. Open the ‘Today’ screen on the app and select the profile picture icon
  2. Press ‘Create Family Account’ and then ‘Create Family
  3. Select ‘Create Child Account
  4. Follow the instructions and tap ‘Set up’ when requested
  5. Complete the remaining steps to finish connecting the Fitbit Ace

Removing a Fitbit tracker

If you have an existing Fitbit device you want to remove before connecting a new tracker, you can do this from the Fitbit app:

  1. Open the Fitbit app and select ‘Account
  2. Choose theFitbit device you want to remove from the account
  3. Scroll down until you see the option to remove
  4. Tap this option and follow the instructions

Updating your Fitbit

On occasion, you may need to update your Fitbit tracker to install bug fixes, software improvements and other changes:

  1. Charge your Fitbit device before installing any updates
  2. Open the ‘Today’ tab, select the profile picture icon and tap the device you want to update
  3. If an update is available, you will see the ‘Update’ button
  4. Follow the instructions to install the available update


You can maximise the potential of your Fitbit tracker with a fitness app, which can provide a wealth of exercise ideas. For a rundown of the best fitness apps available across iOS and Android, check out our in-depth guide.

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