How to Use Apple Pay on iPhone: Set-up Guide

How to Use Apple Pay on iPhone: Set-up Guide

Our smartphones are incredibly versatile and can be used for a wide variety of tasks, such as playing music or navigating around. Paying for goods and services is also a common usage, driven by how simple it is to use an all-in-one smartphone instead of a traditional card.

iPhone users can access Apple Pay to make transactions; in this guide, we’ll show you how to set it up and start paying with ease.

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Setting up Apple Pay on iPhone

1 – Add a debit or credit card

Apple Pay works by linking your device and payment cards together. You’ll first need to add a card to the Wallet app, so your device can directly access the account that funds will be coming out of.


To do this:

  1. Go to Settings, and tap Wallet
    a. If requested, type in your Apple ID
  2. Tap either Debit or Credit Card. You can then use your iPhone’s camera to scan the card, or enter its details manually
    a. If you’ve used a card on this phone previously, or another Apple device, select Previous Cards
    b. You can also add a card to Wallet via your bank or card’s official app

2 - Set a default card

The first card you add is automatically set as the default option when paying via your iPhone. This can be changed in the Wallet app by pressing and holding a card, and then dragging it to the front of the cards on-screen.


How to pay with Apple Pay

Now that your virtual wallet is set up, you can use it to pay for items and services at checkout in-store.

Identifying which stores accept Apple Pay is easy; simply look for the Apple Pay icon when you’re at the card reader.


Once you’re at the checkout, you can unlock and use Apple Pay in several different ways:

Touch ID – place your finger on the Touch ID button on the phone
Face ID – press the Side button twice, and hold the phone up to your face to authenticate
Reward cards – when adding a card to the Wallet app, there’s also the option to add a reward card, such as one from a coffee shop

You’ll now be using Apple Pay quickly and easily. If you have an Android device, or know someone who does, it’s just as easy to make contactless payments. Check out our guide on setting up Google Pay, and how to use it.

Apple Pay FAQ

Is Apple Pay and Wallet the same?

Apple Pay and Wallet are two separate apps, but they work together when making contactless payments.

Do you need Apple Wallet for Apple Pay?

Yes, you will need to add your payment cards to Apple Wallet before using Apple Pay. This process is how your iPhone sets up its virtual wallet, and determines which account to pay for goods from.


Does Apple Pay show up on bank statements?

No, a transaction made via Apple Pay will show on your bank statement as what you ordered; it won’t state whether it was paid with Apple Pay or not.

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