Introducing Huawei Celia

Introducing Huawei Celia

Say hello to Celia, Huawei's very own AI assistant. Making its debut on the Huawei P40 range, and expected to be an essential feature on all Huawei handsets moving forward, Celia has been designed to make life with a Huawei phone easier than ever. Whether it's sending a text hands-free, scheduling a meeting on the go, translating in real-time or even finding out how many calories are in the meal in front of you, Celia can do it all.

We explore just what Celia is capable of below. Remember, all you need to do is say 'Hey Celia', or hold the power button down for one second to get started.

Everyday tasks made easy

When it comes to the basics, Celia has it covered. Using simple voice commands, you'll be able to instruct Celia to help out with a huge selection of everyday tasks. Simply activate Celia, and you can ask Huawei's assistant to call, email or text any of your contacts, provide you with weather updates for your local area, set alarms and reminders, create new events or meetings in your calendar, search the web and so much more. If you're a regular selfie taker, you can even ask Celia to hit the shutter button for you when you're using the front-facing camera - the perfect angle will be even easier to achieve, and you'll never have to worry about stretching awkwardly to take a photo again.


Adjusting your phone's settings to help you quickly adapt to your surroundings is also possible with Celia. Streamline your Huawei experience and ask Celia to activate Silent Mode whenever you want to avoid interruptions, or switch on Eye Comfort Mode to reduce eye strain in darker conditions.

Translate with Celia

Did you know Celia is multilingual? Navigating a foreign language is set to become so much smoother with Celia on board, and Huawei's AI assistant will launch in the UK, Spain, France, Mexico, Chile and Colombia with an initial understanding of three languages: English, French and Spanish.

Scheduled to expand the impressive database of foreign languages in the near future, users can listen to real-time translations and act like a local with the help of Huawei's face-to-face translation feature. Just say 'Hey Celia, open face-to-face translation' to begin, and Celia will start listening.


Let's say you're in a French restaurant, for example, simply activate the feature and Celia will translate whatever your server is saying into your preferred language right there and then. It works the other way around too - you can speak to Celia, and the smart assistant will translate your words into a different language to help you communicate clearly.

You can also translate foreign text from menus, signs, books and more by opening up the camera on your Huawei smartphone. Just point the camera at the text and say, 'Hey Celia, translate this' and you'll see the equivalent text in your chosen language in a matter of seconds.

Identify objects with Celia

Programmed to work closely with Huawei's AI Lens, Celia is capable of helping you to understand more about the world around you through a number of object identification features. The process works in harmony with the Huawei's Leica rear camera system, which can be found across all three Huawei P40 models.

With the camera open, you will be able to ask Celia to assess a number of different objects. The health conscious, for example, will be able to use Celia as a quick and accurate calorie counter - which will work on individual items of food, or entire meals. Just say 'Hey Celia, how many calories are in this bagel?' or 'Hey Celia, how many calories does my meal contain?' to receive nutritional information.


Celia is also capable of teaching you about different objects, like plants. Let's say you've recently discovered an interest in gardening, and you'd like to learn more about the flowers growing around your lawn. Open up your camera, point it at a flower you're curious about and say, 'Hey Celia, what flower is this?' to discover more.

Shop with Celia

Browsing the web and spotted something you'd love to buy, but don't know where to find it? Celia is here to act as your very own personal shopper. Celia will help you to locate the exact item you're interested in online and point you towards available retailers where the item is in stock. You'll also see suggestions for similar items from different retailers and at different price points, to give you even more options.


To access the feature, you'll need to say something along the lines of 'Hey Celia, I want to buy the bag on screen' to start the search. This feature can also come in handy if you love an item that's outside of your price point, and you want Celia to suggest cheaper alternatives.

Want to experience Celia for yourself? Try it today on the Huawei P40, Huawei P40 Lite or Huawei P40 Pro from