Introducing Nokia 8.1

Introducing Nokia 8.1

The new Nokia 8.1 is the latest mid-range device from the ever-reliable Nokia. Despite not being a flagship mobile, this is still a seriously powerful handset with impressive specs, and of course, a budget-friendly pricetag.

Nokia 8.1 Design and Display

The Nokia 8.1 showcases a dual-tone anodized metal frame and all-glass back panel that's strong, durable and eye-catching. It's a pleasure to hold, with rounded edges and a screen that merges seamlessly into the frame, and is lightweight at 180g. You'll find a responsive fingerprint scanner sitting directly below the primary camera to the rear.

The Nokia 8.1 features a 6.18 inch screen that's great for phablet lovers. It boasts a Full HD+ resolution, 81% screen-to-body ratio and uses IPS LCD technology to deliver an incredible picture.

If you’re an avid streamer or gamer, or simply need a device that can offer a crisp, defined picture with true-to-life colour, you’ll appreciate the display on the Nokia 8.1, especially when you consider its affordable price.

Nokia 8.1 Camera

You'll find a dual-lens 12MP+13MP camera, designed in partnership with optics experts Zeiss. The 12MP lens ensures images are defined and detailed, while the depth-sensing 13MP lens makes a bokeh (blurred background) effects possible. The Nokia 8.1 even has a Live Bokeh feature, letting you adjust the level of background blur both during shooting and after you take a photo.

AI image recognition automatically detects the type of scene you're taking a photo in as well, adjusting settings accordingly for the most flattering outcome indoors, outdoors, when taking photos of food or even in the evening.


Fuelled by Android Pie, Google's latest operating system, the Nokia 8.1 benefits from Google Lens. Just point the camera at an object, building, sign or other points of interest to discover more information. It's particularly useful for translating signs quickly while abroad, finding out where you can buy a specific item from online and for uncovering opening times for stores and restaurants. One of our favourite Google Lens features, however, has to be its ability to scan real-life text (for example, a paragraph in a book) and turn it into digital text. When in Google Lens mode on the Nokia 8.1's camera, all you have to do is tap on the text you wish to copy, highlight everything you need and simply select 'Copy text'.

The 20MP front-facing camera uses AI-powered imaging to offer studio style lightning and Live Bokeh too. Additionally, optical image stabilisation ensures everything remains in focus - ideal for when you're snapping group selfies.

Other cool Nokia 8.1 camera features include 4K video recording and Dual Sight, which lets you take a snap with both the rear and front cameras simultaneously. It’s definitely an interesting way to capture the full story.

Nokia 8.1 Power

Looking for power? The Nokia 8.1 certainly has plenty. With 4GB RAM and an advanced, AI-powered Snapdragon 710 processor working behind the scenes, you'll be able to multi-task, download media and even play graphics-intense games with ease. The on-board tech not only ensures a fast performance, it guarantees an efficient one that's easy on the phone's battery life too.


The Nokia 8.1 runs Android Pie - the latest Android operating system - straight out of the box. The device is part of the Android One programme, which brings the best of Google to Nokia. Alongside a streamlined interface, Google Assistant and the best Google apps, you'll be one of the first to receive security updates and software upgrades, meaning your new phone will be guaranteed a long life that certainly won't fall behind after being in use for a year or two.

Nokia 8.1 Battery

Nokia has added a large 3,500 mAh battery to the Nokia 8.1 to ensure it can deliver an all-day performance, all while supporting the device's advanced features. You won't have to worry about running out of juice unexpectedly midday, there's certainly enough power to keep you going from morning until night.


Thanks to Android Pie, the Nokia 8.1 also offers Adaptive Battery. This AI-powered feature learns how you use your device over time, monitoring your preferences, predicting how you'll use your phone later in the day and closing down unnecessary background apps to maximise battery life.

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