Introducing Oppo A15

Introducing Oppo A15

If it's an affordable new Android phone you're after, you can't go wrong with Oppo. One of the latest releases, the Oppo A15 combines a great, purse-friendly price point with loads of exciting smartphone features, including an amazing triple-lens rear camera system and a durable 4,230 mAh battery.

Explore the phone in more detail with us below, and find out if it's the right Oppo for you.

Oppo A15 Design and Display

Created to deliver both style and comfort, there's so much to love about the Oppo A15's design. Weighing in at 175g, only 7.9mm thick and crafted with smooth ergonomic edges, this device is extremely comfortable to hold for extended periods of time. Curved edges add to its streamlined design, while the plastic back boosts the handset's durability to protect against unexpected drops and scratches.


The front of the phone, meanwhile, is all glass. The immersive 6.52-inch HD+ display has an amazing 83% screen-to-body ratio, meaning there's no space for unsightly bezels. The cinematic LCD display even has a 60Hz refresh rate, for smoother transitions and lag-free gaming visuals.

On the bottom there's a handy **3.5mm headphone jackv, so you can plug in if you prefer wired headphones. As for unlocking the phone, you can use AI Face Unlock or simply tap on the fingerprint scanner on the back.

Oppo A15 Camera

The Oppo A15 has it covered when it comes to great smartphone cameras. Whether you like to video call friends or enjoy taking stunning panoramic shots of the world around you, you'll be well-equipped with the cameras included with this Android.

On the front there's a 5MP selfie camera, built with a f/2.4 aperture and unique AI Beautification mode that makes sure your best features always shine through. Flip the phone over however, and you'll be met with the standout feature: a 12MP triple-lens rear camera system.


On the back there's a main 12MP wide lens, that's more than capable of capturing the finest details with stunning colour accuracy. HDR helps to add balance to your photos too, and your shots will never look too dark or overexposed - even in backlit environments. The 2MP macro lens, meanwhile, is a must for closeups. Perfect for product photography in particular, you can shoot from just 4cm away without losing focus.

The final 2MP depth lens is everything you need to take professional-looking portraits directly on your device. In fact, it makes the Portrait Bokeh feature possible, helping you focus on the subject of your photo while artfully blurring the background. You can also activate AI Scene Recognition, which has the ability to recognise 21 unique environments and will adjust the camera's settings accordingly to deliver the best results - no post-production needed.

Oppo A15 Power

Even though the Oppo A15 is a budget-friendly handset, it's still loaded with more than its fair share of impressive tech specs. It runs on Oppo's exclusive operating system ColorOS 7.2 - which is based on Android 10 - and features a clean interface with a slick, minimal design. Easy to navigate, the new Smart Sidebar will enable you to access files, take screenshots and more without having to close down the app you're currently using, while handy gestures like Icon Pull-Down make this large-screen device comfortable to use with just one hand.


It has its own Dark Mode, which can be scheduled to activate at a certain time every day. There's also Hyper Boost 2.1 on board, designed to deliver faster gameplay and touch responsiveness for smartphone gamers, and an advanced graphics processing unit for super smooth gameplay.

Working hard behind the scenes there's also a high-tech octa-core processor and a MediaTek Helio P35 chipset for maximum speed and efficiency.

Oppo A15 Battery

Designed to last, you'll find a 4,230mAh battery included on the Oppo A15. The handset is capable of providing 16 hours of continuous HD video playback, or 6 hours of intense graphics-heavy gaming, from just one full charge. You can be confident it will be there for you from morning until night with regular, everyday use.


Oppo has added a specialised Super Nighttime Standby mode to preserve battery health for longer. Designed to reduce power consumption as you sleep and prevent overcharging, the handset will intelligently learn your sleeping patterns over time and limit energy-use during your regular bedtime hours.

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