Introducing Samsung Galaxy A41

Introducing Samsung Galaxy A41

Samsung's Galaxy A series is renowned for offering up some of the very best Samsung tech for a surprisingly affordable price point. A range that's continuously expanding, today we're going to be focusing on one of the latest additions: the Samsung Galaxy A41.

With its cinematic Infinity-U display, impressive triple-lens camera and great internal specs, there's a lot to love about this device. We uncover the Samsung Galaxy A41 in more detail, below.

Samsung Galaxy A41 Design and Display

Large screens aren't just for premium Samsung handsets, and the Samsung Galaxy A41 is home to a brilliant 6.1-inch display that's ideal for on-the-go streaming, social media scrolling, gaming and so much more. Thanks to the device's 86% screen-to-body ratio and edge-to-edge Infinity-U technology, you can even enjoy the coveted big-screen experience without having to put up with a bulkier design overall. In fact, the handset is just 7.9mm wide, and showcases a streamlined, sleek curved frame that's guaranteed to fit perfectly in your hand.


With 16 million colours to offer and a Full HD+ resolution, the display promises true-to-life, detailed viewing. Built discreetly inside the display is an on-screen fingerprint scanner too, adding to the phone's uninterrupted design. Using high-tech biometric authentication, you can always rely on fast yet secure access - just place your finger onto the screen to activate the feature.

Samsung Galaxy A41 Camera

The standout feature of the Samsung Galaxy A41 has to be its triple-lens rear camera system. Not only will you find a remarkable 48MP main camera on board, but there's also an 8MP ultra-wide camera to experiment with, and a 5MP Depth Camera that's been created to bring focus and help you cut out any unwanted background noise.


The 8MP ultra-wide camera is capable of capturing photos with an outstanding 123-degree field of view, making it ideal for both landscape shots or large group photos. Extending the boundaries of your images, you'll be able to fit so much more into one shot thanks to this lens. Meanwhile, the 5MP Depth Camera brings focus to your pictures - adjust the level of background blur before or after you hit the shutter button to bring the subject of your photo into the foreground.

As for the front-facing camera, it measures an equally as impressive 25MP and offers features like Live Focus and Flaw Detection to help you perfect every single selfie.

Samsung Galaxy A41 Power

The Samsung Galaxy A41 might be classed as a 'midrange' smartphone, but there's plenty of cutting-edge tech fuelling this handset. Samsung has ensured the latest Android operating system - Android 10 - is available straight out of the box, and its very own interface UI 2.0 runs alongside it to deliver the best Samsung experience.

When it comes to power, the Samsung Galaxy A41 is supported by an octa-core CPU with 2GHz and 1.7GHz speeds, and expandable memory up to 512GB with a microSD card (sold separately). Seamlessly working together, you can expect a flawless and fast performance from this handset.


Even better, if you're a big lover of smartphone games, then the Game Booster is sure to come in useful. Designed to maximise in-game performance, this handy feature will cut out any distractions in the form of notifications and messages, optimise battery and memory usage, and increase the phone's frame rate for even smoother, faster gameplay.

Samsung Galaxy A41 Battery

Powering the Samsung Galaxy A41, you'll find a 3,500 mAh battery. Capable of providing up to 25 hours of talk time, or 80 hours of audio playback from one full charge, it is sure to see you through the day.


Supporting 15W Fast Charge, with the Samsung Adaptive Fast Charger (sold separately) you can even boot the phone back up to 50% in just 30 minutes. You'll never have to wait around long for the device to boot back up, no matter what charger you use.

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