Introducing Samsung Galaxy A50

Introducing Samsung Galaxy A50

For a budget-friendly phone that comes fully loaded with high-end specs, turn to the Samsung Galaxy A50. Part of Samsung's praised A series range, this device won't break the bank, but you might be surprised by how much you get for your money.

With a triple-lens camera and on-screen fingerprint scanner to name just a few of its best features, this is certainly a device Android fans should consider.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Design and Display

With an eye-catching gradient design that reflects the light and a sleek, seamless frame, it's safe to say Samsung hasn't held back when creating the A50. On the rear of the handset you'll find what Samsung chooses to call a 3D 'glasstic' back, which is essentially resilient plastic with a glass-like appearance, while the front sports a high-spec, edge-to-edge screen.

In fact, Samsung has added its latest Infinity U display to the A50, which features the minimal dewdrop notch design for an almost bezel-less look and an immersive viewing experience when streaming video. The Super AMOLED screen measures 6.4 inches too and offers a Full HD+ resolution alongside a screen-to-body ratio of 85%.

The front of the device is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5, one of the strongest on the market. The A50 can endure its fair share of bumps, scratches and falls, and is designed to look as good as new for years to come.

There's an on-screen fingerprint sensor hidden inside the A50's display for quick yet secure access, and to add to the overall smooth feel of the phone. Alternatively, you can choose to unlock via advanced facial recognition instead.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Camera

There's no need to sacrifice camera quality when investing in a mid-range device like the Samsung Galaxy A50. It sports an outstanding triple-lens 25MP+5MP+8MP main camera, expertly created to capture defined, detailed shots full of colour even in low light conditions.

The 5MP Depth Camera is responsible for measuring the distance between objects in the frame, enabling you to easily adjust the amount of background blur in a photo. The ultra-wide 8MP lens, meanwhile, has a 123-degree field of view - just like the human eye. You'll be able to squeeze more of the action into one shot, while the scene optimiser will be working silently behind the scenes to automatically the adjust camera settings for the best possible picture.

Flaw Detection is another of Samsung's on-board photography features, and a handy one at that. It automatically alerts you if the photo you've just taken has issues with blurring, backlighting or someone blinking - prompting you to snap another before the moment is over.

The A50's front-facing camera is equally as impressive at 25MP - a brilliant spec for selfies, video calls and even live streaming to social. Selfie Focus helps you achieve blurred, bokeh effect on the front shooter as well, and facial recognition technology makes Samsung's fun-fuelled AR Emoji possible.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Power

The A50's hardware packs plenty of power, and it's driven by 4GB RAM, an advanced octa-core processor and Android's latest operating system: Android Pie. The result? A high-speed, lag-free phone even when you're carrying out data or graphics-heavy tasks.

As well as an efficient core, there's a large 4,000mAh battery keeping the phone running for longer. Expect 23 hours of talk-time as a minimum from the A50, and thanks to 15W fast charging you'll be able to get back to full power in no time at all.

Samsung Galaxy A50 One UI

Samsung has layered its own interface, One UI, on top of Android Pie to provide an even better user experience. Standout features that you're sure to love exploring on the A50 include reimaged screen notifications, a considered layout that utilises the bottom two thirds of the display to make it easier to reach what you need with one hand, software gestures (for fast access) and a battery-friendly Night Mode that helps you wind down on an evening.

Bixby, Samsung's own intelligent assistant, is at your disposal as well. Bixby Vision, in particular, is extremely useful. Using object recognition software pre-built into the A50's camera, Samsung has expanded its augmented reality abilities to make it even easier to understand the world around you. Just point the camera at an object to find out where you can buy it online, a paragraph of text to either translate into your preferred language or create a digital copy, or a landmark or building to learn more information, such as opening times or reviews.

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