Introducing Samsung Galaxy A70

Introducing Samsung Galaxy A70

Samsung's popular A series is expanding, with the arrival of the new Samsung Galaxy A70. Amongst the impressive features, you'll find an advanced 32MP triple-lens camera and huge 6.7-inch display. Discover more about this brand new mid-range handset, right here.

Samsung Galaxy A70 Design

The Samsung Galaxy A70 is comfortable and easy to hold thanks to an ergonomic 3D design, with a durable and scratch-resistant build, thanks to what Samsung have dubbed a 'Glasstic' material.


With a glossy, glass-like appearance, this high-quality plastic frame has curved edges, slim buttons and foregoes the fingerprint scanner that's typically found on the rear of the A series for a fingerprint sensor located directly within the screen. Once your prints have been registered, you simply need to tap the screen to securely access the phone.

Samsung Galaxy A70 Display

The display on the A70 is sure to catch your eye, measuring an impressive 6.7 inches, to offer a fully immersive viewing experience. It's perfect if you love streaming on the go, editing videos from your smartphone or simply want a larger view for day-to-day tasks.

This big-screen display boasts Super AMOLED technology, a Full HD+ picture and Samsung's Infinity U design, with the front-facing camera located in a small dewdrop-shaped notch. It's so discreet, you'll hardly notice it, promising minimal interruptions when watching your favourite content.


Nearly bezel-less, the Galaxy A70 offers a unique 20:9 aspect ratio. A Samsung-first, this cinematic ratio means you can watch movies in all their original widescreen format - all while enjoying the incredible colour and detail offered by the display.

Samsung Galaxy A70 Camera

With a rear 32MP triple-lens camera, you can expect impressive results from the Samsung Galaxy A70. This intelligent camera set-up includes a main 32MP lens for defined and detailed pictures, and an 8MP lens which offers a 123-degree field of vision for ultra-wide photos and videos. Meanwhile, the 5MP Depth Camera enables you to adjust the depth of field both before and after you take a photo. Adjust the amount of background blur to achieve your desired look, and enjoy professional-looking portrait shots while eradicating unwanted background noise.

The front-facing camera offers a similar effect, letting you adjust the background blur on your selfies thanks to Selfie Focus. The front camera is an outstanding 32MP lens, matching the rear and performing exceptionally well day or night.


Other camera features include Scene Optimiser and Flaw Detection for flawless photos. Scene Optimiser recognises 20 difference scenarios, adjusting brightness, contrast and saturation levels for the most true-to-life results. Flaw Detection, prompting you to press the shutter again if it detects motion blur or the subject blinking. There's nothing worse than missing a moment without realising it, but Samsung's AI technology has you covered.

Samsung Galaxy A70 Power

Fuelled by an octa-core processor created by experts Qualcomm, speed is guaranteed with the Samsung Galaxy A70. You'll experience an efficient performance thanks to 6GB RAM, and you'll hardly have to worry about running out of battery with a massive 4,500 mAh cell at your disposal.


You can expect up to 28 hours of 3G talk-time and 128 hours of audio playback with just one full charge, and there's ample power to keep the Galaxy A70's advanced display running throughout the day. When you do need to charge this Samsung smartphone, you won't have to wait around long, with super-fast charging helping you power up quickly.

Samsung Galaxy A70 One UI

At its core, the Samsung Galaxy A70 is powered by Android Pie - Android's latest operating system. However, you'll find Samsung's One UI on board too, a customised interface designed to bring out the very best of the handset.

Alongside exclusive Samsung software, you'll be able to take advantage of the easy-to-use layout offered by One UI. With such a large device in your hands, One UI considers reachability for the A70, adapting so you can still text and carry out your day-to-day tasks with one hand. Smarter notifications give you more control to help you stay focused, while Night Mode ensures comfortable use and reduces eye strain.


Standout One UI features revolve around the intelligent assistant Samsung Bixby. Bixby Routines uses AI to get to know your habits over time. It'll learn your daily patterns and after 14 days of use, suggest routines for you. If your phone connects to Bluetooth when you get in your car, Bixby Routines can open up your favourite music app and start playing a specific playlist, or when you start charging the device you can trigger the phone's Always On Display for that set period of time, meaning you'll never miss a notification.

Additionally, Bixby Vision supports the Galaxy A70's camera. Tap the Vision icon when you open up the camera to translate a sign, discover where you can buy an item online, reveal more information about a building, learn more about the calories in your lunch or flip things round to selfie-mode to try a range of AR effects.

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