Introducing the Apple Home Pod mini

Introducing the Apple Home Pod mini

Apple's latest smart speaker might be small, but don't let its size fool you. The Apple HomePod mini is big on both sound and features, and shares many similarities to the original HomePod for a fraction of the price.


What is Apple HomePod mini?

Apple HomePod mini is the second smart speaker to be released by Apple, and much smaller than the first HomePod. Perfect for anyone after a more affordable, discreet option, the mini is just 8.5cm tall with a compact spherical design. It's covered in the same audio-conductive mesh as the HomePod, features handy touch controls for volume and is available in two colours: White and Space Grey.


Inside every HomePod mini you'll find an S5 chip to keep everything running smoothly, alongside Apple's U1 chip for improved spatial awareness. The U1 chip essentially helps your HomePod mini connect quicker to other U1 devices, such as an Apple Watch or another HomePod mini. When it comes to audio, Apple has added a three-microphone array and a single full-range driver too, so you should expect nothing less than a crisp, clear 360-degree sound that can effortlessly fill the room.

HomePod mini Top Features

Now we've walked you through the steps, it's time to discover exactly what the HomePod mini can do. Here's a snapshot of this smart speaker's best features.

Talk to Siri

As you'd expect from an Apple product, Siri is an integral part of the HomePod mini. Talking to Siri will be your main way of interacting with this smart speaker, and there are loads of things you can instruct Siri to do.


As well as the basics, like asking Siri to play music and podcasts, call contacts and send text messages, Siri can assist with a huge range of tasks. You can create calendar events, lists and reminders and they'll automatically sync across all linked devices, and you can even activate Find my iPhone through HomePod mini if you've misplaced your mobile.

Siri can let you know if there'll be traffic or any delays on your next car journey, and even help you turn the kettle on too. You can control any linked smart home devices through HomePod mini, like lights, locks and thermostats.

Voice recognition of up to 6 family members

HomePod mini is capable of much more than basic voice recognition. In fact, it'll be able to distinguish between 6 different family members, and respond appropriately. This means everyone can update their own calendars, reminders and more through the same HomePod device.

Apple Intercom

If you decide to purchase multiple HomePods to place into different rooms, you can take advantage of Apple Intercom. A little bit like a modern-day walkie talkie, you can speak into your HomePod using Intercom and broadcast a message. You'll be able to choose where you send the announcement too as well - select a specific HomePod, all connected HomePods or even broadcast to CarPlay, AirPods or an Apple Watch.


Setting up your Apple HomePod mini

It's super easy to get started with Apple HomePod mini, even if it's your first smart home device.

All you need to do is plug HomePod mini in and wait. You should hear a chime, and also see a pulsing white light appear at the top of the device. Once this happens, move your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch towards the HomePod mini.


On-screen instructions will suddenly appear. From here you'll be able to choose your HomePod mini's settings, and if you ever need to change anything just head back to the Home app.

When you're happy with your settings, your Apple device will prompt you to centre the HomePod mini in the viewfinder on your device. If you can't use your camera, don't worry. Tap 'Enter Passcode Manually' and Siri will reply with a unique four-digit password for you.


After this, pairing will be complete. Siri will officially greet you, and guide you through a few examples of how you can interact with your new HomePod mini.

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