Introducing Apple Watch Series 4

Introducing Apple Watch Series 4

During Apple's annual event in California, Tim Cook discussed more than iPhones. Alongside the iPhone XR, iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max, an all-new generation of the Apple Watch was announced.

Redesigned inside and out, Apple Watch Series 4 has tons to offer. With a screen that's more than 30% larger than previous designs, an even faster processor and a bunch of new health features, smartwatch fans and sports enthusiasts are sure to love this new addition to the Apple family.

Apple Watch Series 4 Design

The first thing you'll notice about the Apple Watch Series 4 will undoubtedly be its impressive display. The largest to ever be used on an Apple Watch, you'll now have more room than ever before to catch up on your messages, track your workouts and so much more.

Innovative design means that, despite the bigger screen, the overall watch is barely any larger than Apple Watch Series 3. Thanks to narrower borders and sleek curved corners, this edge-to-edge display will still sit comfortably on your wrist.

The screen's not all that's changed. The watch is thinner, is made from ceramic rather than metal and has a smaller Digital Crown that's much more responsive, thanks to haptic feedback. The red circle on Series 3 models with LTE has been changed too, replaced by a subtler red ring.

You'll have a choice between two new Apple Watch sizes. Replacing the 38mm and 42mm models are the brand-new 40mm and 44mm designs.

Apple Watch Series 4 Processor

Apple Watch Series 4 is fuelled by the revolutionary S4 chip, which ensures a lightning fast, efficient performance. The S4 chip has a seriously streamlined design too, with the entire system combined into a single component. Known as a Silicon in Package (SiP), it's one of the main reasons that Apple has been able to pack so much more into Apple Watch Series 4 - like an even bigger speaker that's up to 50% louder. It's a world first too, no other product in the world runs on an SiP.

Improving the efficiency of Apple Watch Series 4 even further is LTPO - Apple's advanced, new display technology. Using less power without compromising on screen brightness and quality, it's just one of the many reasons why you can expect at least 18 hours of use from a single charge.

Apple Watch Series 4 Health Monitor

Apple has always made health a major focus with the Apple Watch range, but things are about to get serious with Apple Watch Series 4. Inspiring users to lead a healthier, happier life, fitness lovers and health enthusiasts certainly won't be disappointed by the many improvements and brand-new features available.

The optical heart sensor has evolved, and now - alongside checking your heart rate - it will automatically detect if it falls below, or rises above, a specific threshold for a period of 10 minutes or more when inactive. Even if you're not feeling any symptoms, it'll alert you about any unusual activity - for example, a low heart rate.

With an accelerometer and gyroscope now on board, the Apple Watch Series 4 can detect if you've fallen. A hard fall alert will appear if you have an accident like this, and you'll have the option to call emergency services if you're injured or dismiss the notification if you're fine. If you remain inactive for 60 seconds, your watch will automatically dial 999 and your emergency contacts will be informed with a message.

There are also even more brilliant health apps compatible with the Apple Watch than ever before. From Lifesum and Streaks to Clue, you'll find plenty of apps for Apple Watch Series 4 to download..

Apple Watch Series 4 Activity Tracker

While the Activity Tracker on Apple Watch Series 4 remains the same at its core, Apple has made a few adjustments. If you're motivated by some friendly competition, you're sure to love Activity Competitions - put yourself head-to-head with a friend for 7 days, and earn points based on the percentage of activity rings you close every single day. The improved coaching feature will remind you to keep going throughout the week too, and let you know how you're performing in comparison to your friend.

With automatic workout detection, you'll also never forget to record a workout. Apple Watch Series 4 can sense when you start a workout, and it'll launch the app and prompt you to select an activity. As you cool down, it'll also remind you to end the workout.

There's plenty more to love about Apple Watch too. From Walkie Talkie - the faster, more personal way to send a message - to Siri, Apple Music and Apple Pay, you can do just about anything with Apple Watch Series 4.

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