Introducing the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G

Experience 5G for less with the affordable Samsung Galaxy A32 5G. Bringing you next-generation network speeds, an impressive quad-lens rear camera system and a huge 5,000 mAh battery, it's an Android that's not to be missed.

Let's dive in, and uncover exactly what this Samsung Galaxy A Series handset has to offer.

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Design and Display

With its curved, soft edges and seamless frame, you'd be forgiven for thinking the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G is a premium flagship. This budget friendly A Series model fits comfortably in the hand, and comes with a stunning plastic rear that features a subtle, almost glowing finish. Thanks to Samsung's innovative design, the rear camera housing is extremely subtle too, adding to the already streamlined look of the handset.


The front of the handset meanwhile is covered almost completely by the Infinity V display. With the exception of the v-shaped notch for the front-camera, the screen virtually stretches from edge-to-edge to give you a truly cinematic viewing experience. Measuring 6.5 inches with a HD+ resolution, whether you're watching a YouTube video or gaming online, you should expect amazing visuals that are crisp, clear and always vibrant from this handset.

You can plug in using the included headphone jack, and there's an advanced fingerprint scanner tucked away on the side on the device for ultra secure access.

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Camera

This A Series device has been equipped with an incredible quad-lens camera system on the rear, featuring 48MP + 8MP + 2MP + 2MP lenses.

The main 48MP lens features super-fast auto focus to help you point and shoot with accuracy, and there's ample megapixels on board to help you capture every last detail. Partnered with the 8MP ultra-wide lens, you can easily add more perspective to every photo you take - just like the human eye, this camera has a 123-degree field-of-view.


The 2MP depth camera is onboard to help you manually adjust focus, enabling you to switch up the depth of field quickly to master your portrait shots. Meanwhile, the final 2MP macro lens effortlessly adds a natural bokeh effect to your pictures, and makes it possible to photograph from centimetres away.

The amazing 13MP front camera is also capable of adding a stunning background blur automatically to your selfies ensuring you're always the main focus. Prefer videos to selfies? You can record in 4K at 30fps or slow motion in HD at 120fps with the rear camera.

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Power

featuring an octa-core processor and a high-spec Dimensity 720 5G chipset from MediaTek, multi-tasking or carrying out demanding tasks isn't a problem for this handset.

Samsung has included its Game Booster technology on this device too, which is fantastic news for enthusiastic mobile gamers. Now you never have to worry about notifications interrupting gameplay, or other apps using up power and slowing down your performance.


With Game Booster initiated, non-urgent notifications are silenced, and battery, memory and handset temperature are all optimised to make sure you can react as quickly as possible. Frame Booster gives graphics a helping hand too, keeping transitions up to speed and as smooth and life-like as possible.

You'll also find the latest Android operating system - Android 11 - and Samsung's One UI. This phone is also 5G ready, meaning faster downloads, lower latency and an all-round more reliable network that’s yours to enjoy whenever you're in a 5G supported area.

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Battery

Last but not least, the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G's huge 5,000 mAh battery. Providing plenty of power to easily get you through the day, you'll never have to worry about running out of charge when you need it the most.


Charging the phone back up won't take long either. Supporting 15W Adaptative Fast Charging, it’s super quick to return to full power. Samsung's Adaptative charging technology means you can confidently plug the handset in overnight and it'll automatically stop charging when you reach 100%, prolonging battery health and preventing overcharging.

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