Introducing the Samsung Galaxy A80

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy A80

If you're a Samsung fan, but you'd rather not pay top-end prices for the manufacturer's flagship handsets, then the Samsung A Series is a good idea. Fantastic mid-rangers that are packed full of cutting-edge tech, an A Series phone won't let you down.

The Samsung Galaxy A80 is a great example of this. With an impressive 6.7-inch Infinity Display and an innovative triple-lens camera system that literally rotates to deliver the same quality from the front and the rear, you're sure to love this unique smartphone. Explore the Samsung Galaxy A80 in detail below.

Samsung Galaxy A80 Design

Seamless and made from the strongest Corning Gorilla Glass both on the front and back, there's no denying the Samsung Galaxy A80 is a striking smartphone. It features barely-there bezels around the screen, there's no speaker grille in sight (the audio on the handset actually comes straight out of the display) and it has smooth curves that make the phone comfortable to hold.

The A80's frame is made from a sleek metal that's available in a selection of classic designs, and you'll notice when you want to use the front-facing camera a separate drawer pops out at the top if the handset. Don't need to use it? It'll remain tucked away, out of sight.

Considering all its built-in tech, the device is remains fairly lightweight at 220g and it measures 6.50 x 3.01 x 0.37 inches.

Samsung Galaxy A80 Display

The Samsung Galaxy A80 has a huge 6.7-inch Infinity Display that covers the entire front of the device. You won't even find a small notch at the top of the phone that's found on most recent handsets - thanks to the clever camera system we've mentioned above, you'll receive an uninterrupted edge-to-edge viewing experience. Any buttons that you'll need are also neatly tucked away on the side of the A80.


This huge screen is guaranteed to deliver a detailed, true-to-life picture no matter what you're doing. With a Full HD+ resolution, the Super AMOLED screen is sharp with great colour accuracy, and you'll find the device's fingerprint scanner is built into the display.

Samsung Galaxy A80 Camera

One of the most exciting and noteworthy features of the Samsung Galaxy A80 has to be its rotating triple-lens camera which functions as both the rear and front camera. The camera is hidden away in a discreet drawer located at the top of the device, and it'll automatically pop up when you need to launch the camera. Need to take a selfie? The camera system will spin and completely flip over to take high-quality photos from the front.


The triple-lens camera itself includes a 48MP main camera that's capable of capturing every moment, even those in darker conditions, in great detail and an 8MP ultra-wide camera for panoramic shots or large group photos using a 123-degree field of view. There's a special 3D Depth Camera too with built-in Time of Flight sensor. The ToF sensor is designed to measure the depth of field for a professional bokeh effect, and enables some of Samsung's best camera features such as Quick Measure (where you can measure a real-life object accurately by pointing the camera at it) and Live Focus (where you can adjust background blur even after you've pressed the shutter button).

Samsung Galaxy A80 Power

Samsung know a great phone needs a reliable core, and that's what you'll find on the A80. The manufacturer's exclusive Intelligent Performance Enhancer works with the phone's octa-core processor and 8GB RAM to optimize the phone, ensuring fast speeds that are not only lag-free, but also extremely efficient when it comes to the battery.

There's also 128GB of internal memory on board so you can save all your photos and apps directly on the device.


As for the handset's operating system, the Samsung Galaxy A80 runs on Android Pie. Samsung's customised interface One UI has been added on top, which has been designed to enhance your user experience and help you make the most out of the A80's best features.

Samsung Galaxy A80 Battery

Stay powered up throughout the day with the 3,700 mAh battery, and when you do need to recharge you can boot the device back up to 50% in less than 30 minutes thanks to Samsung's 25W SuperFast Charging technology.


The A80 also has intelligent built-in tech to preserve your power as much as possible. Over time, the handset will learn your routine and usage patterns, limiting power to any unused apps running in the background to help your charge last for longer.

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