Any retro tech fan will remember the anticipated return of Nokia's historic 3310 in early 2017, and now the pioneers of telecommunications are back with another revival for 2018 - the Nokia 8110 4G.

Excited about another Nokia reboot? Let's take a look at what the all-new Nokia 8110 has to offer, and how it compares to the improved Nokia 3310.

Nokia 3310 vs 8110 - Design

It's been 22 years since the original Nokia 8110 hit the shelves, and the iconic slider phone that made it on the big screen in The Matrix has certainly enjoyed a modern-day makeover - inside and out - for its re-release. Don't worry though, it's still easily recognisable as the Nokia 8110 everyone knew and loved.

The black and white screen of the original model has been replaced with a colourful 2.4-inch display, and the keypad sits nicely beneath the sliding feature. Colour wise, you can choose from classic black or a playful bright yellow. Dubbed the banana phone back in the 90s, Nokia have paid tribute to its history with this vibrant option.

Over 126 million Nokia 3310 phones were sold worldwide when the device was first launched, so it's no surprise people were excited for its return in 2017. Packed with nostalgia, the revamp was a worldwide talking point - and a huge hit for Nokia.

You can still get your hands on last year's Nokia 3310). The design has been reimagined, harking back to the classic model but offering a sleek modern twist. It's thinner than the original, with a 2.4-inch screen boasting full-colour and a polarised layer to deflect glare when you're outdoors. Alongside black and grey, you can choose to pick up the phone in two snazzy colours as well: red or yellow.

Nokia 3310 vs 8110 - Features

The most obvious feature of the new Nokia 8110 is its sliding body, but there's more to discover. It may not be a smartphone, but there's still a 2MP rear camera complete with LED flash - giving you the option to snap a photo when the moment strikes.

The operating system on the Nokia 8110 4G is the same as the updated Nokia 3310: Smart Feature OS powered by KaiOS. While you won't find Google's Play store on there, the Nokia 8110 does have its own app store where essentials like Facebook, Twitter, Google Assistant and Google Maps can be downloaded, and thanks to 4G LTE, you can get directions or tweet no matter where you are. And of course the classic Snake game comes pre-installed.

The new Nokia 3310 offers a 2MP camera with LED flash too, and you'll find both an FM radio and mp3 player on board, so you can still listen to music on the go. Just like the Nokia 8110, the all-important Snake is also pre-installed for hours of guaranteed fun.

One notable difference is that while the Nokia 8110 offers 4G LTE internet connection as standard, the new Nokia 3310 is available in 2G and 3G variants, so make sure you double check the specs if you're an avid surfer.

Nokia 3310 vs 8110 - Power

Under the hood on the Nokia 8110, you'll find a dual-core 1.1GHz processor, 512MB RAM and 4GB of storage. This means that not only is there ample space for photos, messages and more, the Nokia 8110 promises to boot up and carry out tasks quickly too.

The Nokia 8110 has also an amazing battery. Weighing in at 1,500 mAh, it'll last for a whole 25 days on standby.

When it comes to the all-important specifications of the Nokia 8110, you can expect an amazing battery, just like the Nokia 8110. The Nokia 3310's 1200 mAh battery also lasts for a month on standby and offers an epic 22 hours talk time for those chatterboxes.

There's 16GB RAM, an ample 16GB of internal storage, and space for a microSD card which can boost the device to 32GB - tons of room for your favourite songs and photos.

Which Nokia is right for you?

Can't decide between the Nokia Originals? Both the Nokia 8110 and Nokia 3310 are durable, easy to use and budget-friendly, although the Nokia 8110 feels slightly more advanced with its curved design and improved specs. Need a fast internet connection? Choose the Nokia 8110, with 4G LTE to help you to stay connected much faster.

All about storage space? Why not try the Nokia 3310 instead - it has 16GB compared to the 4GB offered in the Nokia 8110. Focused on battery life? Go ahead and pick either - both phones will perform incredibly in this department.

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