Although Samsung’s big screen Galaxy Note range has been a favourite of technically-minded people ever since it first emerged in 2011, it has also been designed to cater to the needs of artistic, creative types as well as hardcore gadget fans.

The main piece of evidence for this duality is the S Pen stylus, which gives users the chance to engage in highly precise interactions with the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2, making it easy to draw, sketch and paint using apps designed exclusively to be used with this peripheral.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is set to be launched in September this year and it should continue the artistic, creative tradition established by its predecessors.

But when it comes to the Galaxy Note 3 vs Note 2, will this new arrival make it even easier to be creative and what features will facilitate this?

Supreme screen

Industry insiders expect that the Galaxy Note 3 will have a bigger display than any of its predecessors, outdoing the 5.5 inch panel of the Galaxy Note 2 with a screen that is around six inches across the diagonal.

As well as giving you more space to work with the S Pen, this screen will also have a full HD 1080p resolution, superseding the 720p displays that have come on its predecessors.

This should allow for even more detail and accuracy of input, letting you use the best S Pen apps to make impressive content on the fly.

Engaging interactivity

Samsung has already given users a preview of what to expect in terms of the Galaxy Note 3’s interface courtesy of the Galaxy S4, which admittedly lacks the S Pen and has a smaller display.

Samsung Air Gestures have been brought into the limelight with the latest version of the TouchWiz interface. This means you can hover the S Pen over the display without actually touching it to interact with applications.

Applying this to apps designed for the S Pen will give Samsung the opportunity to enhance the creative options for users.

Adventurous apps

At the moment the information on the Galaxy Note 3 features remains scarce, although with the IFA 2013 conference just weeks away there should be more details emerging shortly.

Ideally Samsung will have updated the apps for the S Pen that are already bundled with the Galaxy Note 2 so that they take advantage of the bigger screen, the Air Gestures and the enhanced resolution, as well as adding a few more to the mix to make the Galaxy Note 3 a worthy upgrade option.

Those who purchased the original Galaxy Note two years ago will be looking to make the leap to the new device, but Samsung will still need to work hard to convince them that swapping their current handset for a fresh replacement is worthwhile.

While there are many rumours about the Galaxy Note 3 features, nothing will be confirmed until its official launch, so keep that in mind when considering its potential features.