5 Incredible Galaxy Note 4 features we love!

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is here at last, rapidly becoming the must-have Samsung phablet. But now we’ve played with it, which Note 4 features really make this epic Samsung phablet the best we’ve seen?

Samsung did its utmost to make sure it didn’t let slip many of the features before its launch. But now, the Note 4 is here in all of its glory, and it’s one hell of a handset! Here are the features which we think makes it the best Samsung phablet ever made…

1. Samsung Edge Display

Samsung had already tested the water once before with the Galaxy Round and its curved display. LG then proved that a curved screen could also be implemented well on the high-end market when it followed up with the G Flex and G Flex2. However Samsung went down a slightly different route with the Galaxy Note Edge variant of the Note 4.

Sporting an Edge Display, you may figure that the screen is curved only at the side of the Note handset. It acts as a kind of ticker, whilst also allowing for a quick settings bar, where your media player controls etc can belong.

Whilst the Note Edge was more of a limited device, the screen still proved very useful, so Samsung is likely to continue working with it in future models. The Galaxy S6 display is a major rumour surrounding a curved screen now, so it’s possible that the Note may have started a trend with its Edge Display.

2. Note 4 QHD Display

We already mentioned the curved display making the cut on the Note Edge, but let’s not forget the 5.7” QHD display on the Note 4 as well! It’s super sharp, offering up 515ppi (pixels per inch) and is also packing an array of vivid and bright colours.

For those of you who don’t know, QHD boasts a 2560×1440 resolution, well above the average quality of display we’ve become used to on our smartphones. It’s even sharper than most HD TV screens, which normally sport a 720p or 1080p display.That means that the Note 4 will technicall have a better display than your TV, which is pretty great if you ask us!

3. Galaxy Note 4 Fingerprint Scanner

It’s not exactly a new premise for Samsung, we’ll admit that, but it’s definitely one which is super-practical. Think about it, no need to remember a password, just slide your fingerprint over the home button and job done!

It’s no one trick pony either, as the Note 4 will also use the scanner to help pay for items with PayPal, and has been fully certified as well. This means that your eBay purchases among other things can be paid for with a swipe of your finger.

In the future, there’s talk of a Samsung retina scanner, but it’s a bit too far off for now if you ask us. Whilst it would definitely be cool, it might not be quite as practical as your fingerprint, especially if you’re trying to avoid some weird looks on the street.

4. Super-Powered Samsung Spec Sheet

It wouldn’t be a Galaxy Note without that fancy spec sheet would it? Samsung knows that it had to impress with the Note 4, and by upping the power behind the hood it has kept all us phablet lovers happy for sure.

The Galaxy Note 4 is features a Snapdragon 805 chipset, and octa-core processor, 32GB internal storage and a whopping 3GB RAM, all of which make it one of, if not the most powerful smartphone on the market. Safe to say we won’t be seeing many complaints about a lack of power in this Samsung phablet.

5. Waterproof Samsung Phablet

Not a new feature by any stretch of the imagination, Samsung has featured waterproof protection in several previous handsets, and companies like Sony have been using it for a while as well. It still doesn’t make it any less awesome that it has featured on the Note 4.

Granted, we aren’t going to be sending texts or making phone calls underwater anytime soon, but taking underwater snaps is a realistic use for the protection rating, as well as helping us have some peace of mind if we happen to mistakenly drop our handset in the sink. It might not be the coolest feature in the world, but it is one of the unsung heroes of smartphone tech.

So, those are just five of the features from the Galaxy Note 4 that we love, and they should be enough to keep most of you out there happy for now. Of course, Samsung is constantly working out improvements, so you can expect even more next time around with the Galaxy Note 5!