Why the Samsung Galaxy S5 will blow the iPhone 5s out of the water

The battle rages on between Samsung and Apple, and with every new smartphone release, the competition only gets tougher. The iPhone 5s blew critics away when it was launched alongside the iPhone 5c, but with the Samsung Galaxy S5 rumours already emerging, how long can it stay on top?

Leaksters are more often than not spot-on when it comes to smartphone predictions, and if the rumours creeping about have any truth in them, then the Galaxy S5 looks set to blow the iPhone 5s right out of the water. And by taking a look at the Samsung Galaxy S5 features, you can see why…

Metal chassis

Right now, the iPhone 5s is always going to win when it comes to design, namely because of its premium aluminium finish.

However, there has been talk for some time about a metal body making its way to Samsung devices, with the company already dabbling in alternative effects including the Galaxy F’s aluminium finish and the Note 3’s faux leather look. So if the Galaxy S5 does emerge clad head to toe in a premium-looking aluminium jacket, it’s certain to steal the limelight away from the iPhone 5s’ metal finish.

16MP camera

Yet another reason why the Samsung Galaxy S5 is going to steal the iPhone 5s’ gleaming crown this year is its camera.

The Galaxy S4 packs 13 megapixels into its rear-facing snapper, but the S5 is set to top that with a massive 16 megapixel lens, making the iPhone’s camera look measly in comparison.

And while you might argue that megapixels aren’t everything when it comes to the smartphone camera, the S5, in true Samsung style, will offer a whole range of built-in camera features, including Sound & Shot, Eraser and Animation, as we have seen in the current Galaxy S4 range

Now the iPhone 5s doesn’t offer that, does it?

Iris scanner

The world went wild when rumours of the iPhone 5s’ fingerprint scanner turned out to be true. However, Samsung is planning to take the S5 one step further by introducing its own iris-scanning technology to the device.

Rather than placing your thumb over the home button as on the iPhone, users will simply have to glance at the phone’s screen to unlock it, keeping your device safe from thieves and cyber criminals alike.

Incredible screen resolution

Word on the street has it that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will blow us away with its incredible display. Not only is Samsung packing its iris-verification technology into the S5 to compete with the iPhone 5s, but it is also set to dominate the device with its Quad HD display.

The iPhone 5s might have a 640 x 1136 pixel display, but the S5 will feature a 2,560 x 1,140 resolution, which is the same as a 27-inch iMac computer!

Mighty processing power

Again Apple was one step ahead of the game when it came to introducing the iPhone 5s’ 64 bit processor. However, Samsung is reportedly working on a competing processor set to make the S5 the most powerful device yet.

Not only will it feature a similar 64 bit processor, but it will also contain between 3GB and 4GB of RAM. Compare this to the iPhone 5s’ 1GB of RAM and you’ve got a device which makes multi-tasking an absolute dream.


So there you have it: just a few reasons why Samsung is going to blow Apple out of the water entirely in the battle of the Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Apple iPhone 5s.

No doubt featuring the brand new Android KitKat, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is set to wow us with its array of top of the range hardware, sleek design and true innovative style.

There’s no denying that Samsung is always going to be playing catch up when it comes to prestige, though the Samsung Galaxy S5 demonstrates that you can get features, style and class for an affordable price outside of Apple. Samsung’s domination of the Android market has already been accomplished, and there’s no way that the Korean manufacturer is going to let the likes of Apple stay at the top for much longer.