The Benefits of Selling Your Phone with

The Benefits of Selling Your Phone with

Did you know that over 55 million handsets are left unused in the UK? On top of that, mobile phones are responsible for over twelve million tonnes of landfill waste? Selling your phone with means one less in landfill and more money in your pocket.

At, you’ll find a variety of deals on the latest and best handsets on the market. Not only that, but you have the option to trade-in your old device too. Cost-effective, sustainable, and a great way to raise funds for an upgrade, trading in is a simple way for you to get cash for your unused device.

Selling your old phone is an easy process. All you have to do is search for the handset model you’d like to trade-in for cash, we’ll offer you a price, and then send you an envelope to post your old device to us. Still in two minds? Below are a few more reasons why trading in may be something to consider.


Why sell your phone to

Besides ease, there are plenty more benefits for trading in your old handset with us:

• It’s environmentally friendly
• You receive a fair price
• Our Price Promise means we offer competitive prices
• We buy phones from any network
• We buy damaged phones
• 95-98% of the components in handsets can be recycled
• Your mobile may be worth more than you think (find out how much your mobile is worth)
• Get paid for your old device within five working days
• Trade-in a range of brands, such as Samsung, Apple, HTC, Blackberry, Nokia, LG, and Sony
• Our process is quick and easy, you’ll receive a quote for your old device in an instant
• It won’t cost you anything

What to do before you sell your phone

1). Complete a back up

It’s important you back up your old phone before you trade it in, so you don’t risk losing any of your contacts, photos or other data. iPhone users can use the iCloud feature to back up their entire mobile. On your iPhone, just tap Settings, select your name at the top, tap iCloud, and then finally iCloud Backup. Tap Back up now to perform a manual backup. Your device may perform a daily backup automatically when it’s charging.

For Android users, in Settings go to Accounts and backup, there you will see a few options – you can either do this through Samsung Cloud or Google Drive. Also, you could simply connect your device to a laptop or computer and save everything onto your laptop or computer.


2). Sign out from your accounts

For security reasons, ensure that you’ve signed out of any social media, email, or messenger accounts. For example, Gmail, Apple Pay, Facebook Messenger or anything where you’ve provided your personal information. Also, check that you’re signed out of apps that may hold your payment details, such as fashion retail apps or those that require a monthly subscription.

3). Restore to factory settings

Restoring the phone to factory settings effectively erases any trace of you off the device. To return to factory settings on an iPhone, head to Settings, tap General and then scroll down to Reset. You’ll then have a few options, before tapping Erase All Content and Settings to complete the process.

On an Android device, tap Settings, scroll to Privacy and then choose Factory Data Reset. You’ll need to select the Factory Data Reset button again to confirm.

4). Remove your sim card

From email addresses to mobile numbers, SIM cards hold sensitive information. So, make sure you remove the sim card from your device. You may find them at the side of your iPhone, while other devices may require you to remove the back cover and battery too.


How to trade in your old phone

At, we accept either faulty or working handsets - it’s worth double checking the criteria before you send us your handset. Once you’ve done that, just follow these simple steps for a quick trade-in:

1). Search for your old device model in the search bar.
2). Answer some simple questions about your handset, then we’ll instantly offer you a price.
3). If you’re happy with the price, fill in your details.
4). You’ll then receive an envelope in the post, for you to send your old handset to us.
5). Finally, you’ll receive your funds within five working days.

Take the sustainable route

Sell your device

As mentioned above, trading in your old mobile can have a positive impact on the environment. Not everyone is looking for the latest iPhone or Android – many customers are quite happy using older phone models.

Plus, there’s a common misconception that if a device is a few years old, it’s worthless. False. You’d be surprised at how much your unused mobile is worth, even if the screen is cracked or if you have a dodgy headphone jack. So, sell your device and see how much you get; there’s no need to be wasteful anymore.

Recycle your mobile

If your phone is extensively damaged, and you’re not quite sure what to do with it, don’t chuck it just yet! We can recycle any extensively damaged phones for free. Any plastic surrounding your phone can be melted down and reused. Same goes for any of the nickel, which can help produce stainless steel. Sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly - you’d be doing a world of good.

Whether you’re interested in selling your device or upgrading, find our best deals on the latest smartphones at