What is Google Night Sight?

What is Google Night Sight?

One of the biggest challenges smartphone cameras currently face is capturing great shots in low light. When conditions are tough, it can really put even the best cameras to the test, but it's not just the number of megapixels that will make the difference to image quality.

The software built into your smartphone camera can have a massive effect on the photos produced, and Google has recently created something known as Night Sight for its Pixel devices. Night Sight has been designed to make what's already a trio of outstanding smartphones even more impressive.

Let's dive in and take a look at what Google Night Sight is, and when it'll be available on your Pixel.

What is Google Night Sight?

Google Night Sight is a Pixel-exclusive feature. Regarded as a ground-breaking advancement, it's simply a software upgrade, yet it introduces a brand-new camera mode to any Pixel handset.

The change in image quality is remarkable, radically enhancing low light images (and, as reports have it, even improving snaps taken in brighter conditions too).

How does it work? Google Night Sight is essentially a new learning-based algorithm centred around an image's white balance. There's actually an entire white paper about something known as 'Fast Fourier Color Constancy' released by Google that really dives into the details, but to summarise, Night Sight essentially uses a mathematical calculation to boost colour, improve brightness and remove any digital noise - no flash required.

Night Sight goes beyond the capabilities of HDR, but works in a very similar way. It combines multiple photos with different exposure levels to create that perfect night-time shot.

To activate Night Sight, Pixel users simply need to launch the camera. If your shot could benefit from Google's new camera mode, your Pixel will suggest switching to Night Sight with a pop-up window that'll appear around your shutter button. You can also manually activate it by heading into the 'More' section of your camera app.

There are a few minor differences when it comes to taking a picture with Night Sight. Because multiple images are taken, you'll have to hold the camera steady for slightly longer.

When will Night Sight be available?

Google Night Sight was launched on 14th November 2018, and it's available on all Pixel phones, not just the Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL. As long as you've downloaded the latest updates for your phone, it should be ready and waiting for you to use.


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