What is the Nothing Phone?

What is the Nothing Phone?

The smartphone industry is fierce and competitive, with many brands of all sizes battling it out to make an impact. It’s not easy, then, for a company to come in and stake its claim.

In the early 2020s came Nothing, who sought to bring simple but powerful tech to the phone market. We’re here to take you through the ins and outs of the brand, and if a Nothing phone sounds exciting to you, make one your new handset from our Nothing handset range today, such as the Nothing Phone (2).

Who makes the Nothing Phone?

The Nothing Phone is made by the business of the same name. Created in 2021 by former OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, the aim was to inject a breath of fresh air into an industry he described as suffering from ‘stagnation’.


“You have a few big companies and the way they work is more structured and systematic,” stated Pei in an interview. “They have technology roadmaps from partners like Qualcomm, Sony or Samsung Display, so they know what's coming”.

This analysis of the smartphone market sparked the birth of Nothing, beginning with the departure from OnePlus to try and shake things up.

Where is the Nothing Phone made?

Nothing phones are developed in London, where the company is also based.


Why is it called the ‘Nothing Phone’?

On Nothing’s own website, the business highlighted its desire to focus on tech that is uncomplicated. The name ‘Nothing’ is at the heart of this focus, and as Carl Pei himself explained, it stuck in the mind. “We chose it because it’s really memorable, very easy to read, easy to pronounce…

…It also says something about where we’re going… if the user experience is seamless, you don’t really have to think about it all the time, it sort of becomes muscle memory and it fades into the background, into nothing”.

Features of the Nothing Phone

Across each member of the Nothing Phone range, you’ll find a core set of features that serve as their cornerstones, such as:

• Balance between affordability and performance
• Unique LED glyph design on the back
• Bespoke NothingUI
OLED display
• Powerful cameras and image processing software


If you’re looking for an alternative to the big-name smartphone brands, a Nothing phone may be the choice for you. Check out our rundown of the Nothing Phone (2) for a deep-dive into one of these fascinating handsets.