The Best Samsung Galaxy Camera Phones 2024

Samsung Galaxy S24 Range

Samsung camera phones are some of the best the industry has to offer, but which device is right for you? This guide will help you find the most suitable camera phone for your needs, whether you’re a professional photographer looking for the most elite handset possible, or you want something a little more budget-friendly.

Alongside our list of the top handsets below, you can find many of the best Samsung Galaxy camera phones in our extensive range.

The best Samsung camera phone you can buy

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Camera specs:

• Rear cameras – 200MP wide; 12MP ultra-wide; 10MP & 50MP telephoto
• Front camera – 12MP

Our top recommendation for the best Samsung Galaxy camera phone is the Galaxy S24 Ultra. It earns this place by not just relying on camera hardware alone; instead, Samsung turned things up to 11 with the addition of AI-powered photography features that elevate what’s possible with a Samsung camera phone.

AI touches every aspect of the S24 Ultra’s photography suite, from improved night-time shots in Nightography mode to the incredible 100x Space Zoom. Having AI working in the background helps the S24 Ultra fill in any blanks that the cameras on their own might miss, resulting in photos that are brighter, more vivid, and bursting with detail.

For amateur and professional photographers alike, the cameras on the Galaxy S24 Ultra are second-to-none in the Galaxy series. The 200MP main camera provides an astonishing depth in pixel count, making it extremely easy to take pictures that retain their detail even when cropping and editing them. This superb camera is also flanked by a 12MP ultra-wide lens for panoramic shots, and a 10MP/50MP telephoto combo.

Filmmakers can rejoice, too, as the Galaxy S24 Ultra supports exquisite UHD 8K video capture; some of the highest resolutions possible on a smartphone. If you want to record at 60 frames per second instead, it’s also possible to record at this frame rate in 4K resolution.

Add a dash of AI into the mix again with the Photo Assist feature and you have the best Samsung camera phone we have reviewed. For achieving top-tier photography on a Samsung, there’s nothing better than this.

Our high-end camera phone choice

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Camera specs:

• Rear cameras – 200MP wide; 12MP ultra-wide; 10MP telephoto
• Front camera – 12MP

If you like taking landscape images or often crop and enlarge your photos, phone cameras with high megapixel counts are a must-have to make sure you don’t lose image detail. As we highlighted in our review, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra should be near the top of your list if you want a truly powerful camera phone at your disposal.

The jewel in the S23 Ultra’s crown is the superb 200MP sensor; a truly stand-out piece of tech. With it, the S23 Ultra can take photos up-close or at a wide angle with minimal loss in pixel clarity when editing. Together with the phone’s 12MP ultra-wide camera and 10MP telephoto lens, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is a photography behemoth.

The Galaxy AI-powered features on the S24 Ultra elevate that handset to the top of the mountain, but if you want a slightly older Samsung camera phone that still packs a punch, the Galaxy S23 Ultra should not be missed.

Our mid-range camera phone choice

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

Camera specs:

• Rear cameras – 50MP wide; 12MP ultra-wide; 10MP telephoto
• Front camera – 12MP

For those wanting a powerful mid-range camera phone from Samsung, the Galaxy S24 Plus is our phone of choice. It packs in some superb hardware that is supported by the S24 range’s emphasis on AI, and the results are very impressive indeed.

Leading the charge is a detail-rich 50MP wide camera, followed by a 12MP ultra-wide and 10MP telephoto lens. These cameras excelled in a variety of lighting conditions, ensuring that photos look crisp and vibrant even when the elements are against you.

Coupled with Galaxy AI and tools like Photo Assist for easy editing, the S24 Plus is a Swiss army knife of photography for amateur and professional photo-snappers alike.

Our entry-level camera phone choice

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE

Camera specs:

• Rear cameras – 50MP wide; 12MP ultra-wide; 8MP 3x zoom
• Front camera – 10MP

We recommend the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE as the top entry-level camera phone for its fantastic balance of cameras and price.

The hardware on offer here serves as a great entry point for getting into mobile photography, with its 50MP main camera really impressing us in our review. In particular it excelled at close to medium-range shots, capturing the detail on buildings and foliage with amazing precision. The 3x zoom on the 8MP lens also delighted us with its ability to focus on distant subjects without losing clarity.

Budding filmmakers should take note of the Galaxy S23 FE, too, as it provides support for 4K 60FPS videos; even 8K 24FPS is possible for creating astounding cinematic content. Again, having this on an entry-level, budget-friendly handset is phenomenal.

In its price range, the Galaxy S23 FE really is a gem of a camera phone. There are few better ways to dabble in photography, be it to take stunning photos of nature or record videos in crisp 4K HDR.

Our foldable camera phone choice

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

Camera specs:

• Rear cameras – 12MP wide; 12MP ultra-wide
• Front camera – 10MP

If you want a Samsung camera phone that is a little bit different from the rest, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 offers a photography experience unlike anything in the series. This is largely down to its distinctive form factor that opens up a variety of camera options.

When unfolded, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 operates much like a traditional camera phone. The 12MP ultra-wide lens stands out as a particularly impressive panoramic camera, showcasing vistas with immense detail and carefully balanced brightness levels. For closer shots there’s a 12MP wide camera alongside it, which also earned praise for its beautiful colours and contrasts.

Fold the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and the opportunities really open up. Its front cover screen and adjustability transform how you can take photos; tilt the phone at 90 degrees and preview your selfie or group photo with the cover screen, all without needing to touch the device. The photos produced are just as vivid and detailed when taking them in unfolded mode, so you’re getting the same quality across both forms.

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