Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6 review

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6 review

The dawn of the 2020s saw a resurgence of the flip phone design that dominated most handsets before the original iPhone. At the forefront of that resurgence was the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, which took many of the best parts of the flagship Galaxy S series and applied them to a clamshell form factor. In the years since, Samsung have refined the Z series to improve each subsequent device, leading us to the Galaxy Z Flip6.

Our smartphone experts are here to take you through the Z Flip6 and its defining features, such as the display, design and more. Pick the phone up for yourself and enjoy 256GB storage.


Dimensions – 165.1 x 71.9 x 6.9mm
Weight – 187g
OS – Android 14
Display – 6.7” main screen; 3.4” cover screen
Resolution – 2640 x 1080 main screen 748 x 720 cover screen
Processor – Qualcomm Snapdragon SM8650
RAM – 12GB
Storage – 256GB
Rear cameras – 50MP; 12MP
Front camera – 10MP
Battery – 4000mAh
Water and dust resistance – IP48
Connectivity – 3G; 4G; 5G; Bluetooth 5.3


The centrepiece of the Z Flip6 is, understandably, the clamshell design. In terms of the fundamentals, this phone shares a lot in common with its predecessor handset: a 6.7” main screen, a 3.4” cover screen when the phone is flipped, and the same 165 x 71 x 6.9 dimensions. Why maintain these identical design elements? Simply put, Samsung found its feet in the modern flip phone market and landed on a design that works, capturing the standout look and feel of the Galaxy S series.

Due to the folding nature of the Z Flip6, it needs to be extremely resilient. Samsung opted for Armour Aluminium to protect the phone from damage, and it does a remarkable job at keeping scratches at bay. On the front screen, you’re also getting Gorilla Glass Victus 2; a feature that regularly adorns many of the top handsets on the market. Rounding out the pack is IP48 water and dust resistance, so you can confidently take the Z Flip6 around the pool without any worries.

All of these design traits combine to create a phone that radiates premium quality. Previous iterations of the Z Flip handset paved the way for this 6th generation version, resulting in a best-in-class flip phone.



As we touched on previously in this review, the Galaxy Z Flip6 shares the same display technology as the Z Flip5. The choice to maintain the status quo is a positive one, however, as the results are superb. When using the Z Flip6 as a traditional smartphone, the 6.7” AMOLED display showcases content with incredible clarity, and can reach a peak brightness of 2,600 nits. To ensure everything remains silky-smooth, the main screen also sports a 120Hz refresh rate. If you’ve never used a flip phone before and are wondering whether the radical design change has affected the visual experience, fear not; this phone is an absolute stunner.

Flip the phone down and you’re presented with the 3.4” cover screen, which is also a beautiful and vivid AMOLED panel. This ‘Flex Window’ as Samsung calls it enables you to do things like see notifications and use the Interpreter feature without needing to open the Z Flip6 up.

The Interpreter tool we mentioned is one of the most interesting ways you can use the Z Flip6, really tapping into its unique form factor. When communicating with someone that speaks a different language, the Z Flip6 will translate the conversation in real-time on not just the main screen, but the cover screen as well. This creates a scenario in which both parties can see the conversation in their own language, instead of having to pass the phone around.

HDR also plays a key role on the Z Flip6. This technology is used on phones, TVs and PC monitors to boost colour levels and fine-tune contrasts, so they look considerably more true-to-life. The inclusion of HDR is no surprise, but the impact it can have on the visual experience should not be underestimated.


Performance & software

Powering the Z Flip6’s features is the Qualcomm Snapdragon SM8650. Within all the silicon and chips is a performance increase over the Z Flip5, which is best seen when jumping between apps, multitasking, and using the Z Flip6 in Flex Mode.

This processor is essential to why the Z Flip6 excels, largely because it has been optimised to ensure switching from normal mode to Flex Mode is as seamless as possible. Streaming videos is also much easier thanks to this optimisation, so you can binge for as long as you want with minimal stutters.

To keep the Z Flip6 cool while you’re gaming, watching videos, or even when sat out in the sun, Samsung included a vapour chamber as part of the phone’s cooling system. As the Z Flip6 warms up, fluid in the chamber absorbs the heat and condenses, repeating this cycle to maintain a balanced temperature. This setup reflects liquid cooling systems found in high-end gaming PCs, therefore it’s exciting to see Samsung employing similar tactics in the Z Flip6.

On the software front you’ll find Android 14 under the hood, bringing with it deep personalisation features such as AI-generated wallpapers and Ultra HDR support. Speaking of AI, the Z Flip6 benefits significantly from Samsung’s own suite of artificial intelligence tools known as Galaxy AI. This set of features utilises the powerful Snapdragon SM8650 processor and machine learning to transform how you can use the Z Flip6. The Interpreter tool we highlighted earlier? It leverages Galaxy AI to provide a translation that’s both smart and quick, yet it’s not the only AI-powered feature on the Z Flip6; there’s also Quick Reply Suggestions for responding to others without typing, and the super-handy Transcript Assist tool.



The Galaxy Z Flip6’s form factor opens up some incredibly unique opportunities when it comes to photography. Lay the phone down, tilt the cover screen at 90°, and take hands-free photos without having to lift a finger. You can also hold the Z Flip6 while it’s folded and use the cover screen as your preview display.

Looking at the camera hardware on offer, the Z Flip6 doesn’t disappoint either. The 50MP camera on the back is a potent upgrade from the Z Flip5’s 12MP main lens, and it shows when capturing images in bright and low-light conditions. Paired with the 50MP lens is a separate 12MP camera, followed by a 10MP selfie camera on the front.

Photos taken with these cameras are beautiful, crisp and vibrant, but the excellence of the Z Flip6’s camera array doesn’t stop at hardware alone. Software features such as the Pro Visual Engine and Photo Assist use AI to enhance images even further, ensuring that details as small as eyelashes are clearly visible. There’s also FlexZoom, which makes use of AI when taking hands-free photos to capture the best possible angle for the scene.

If shooting videos is more your thing, the Z Flip6 supports ultra-high definition resolutions and can film at a smooth 60 frames per second. You can even film a video in the darkest conditions and capture every detail thanks to the Super Night Video feature.

Taking all of this into account, there’s no doubt that the Z Flip6 gives many of Samsung’s top camera phones a run for their money.

4_B6_Circle to Search_1000x887.png


Battery life is one area on the Galaxy Z Flip6 where there’s a very clear distinction between it and its predecessor. The Z Flip5 launched with a 3,700mAh battery; not too shabby, but the Z Flip6 takes it up a notch with a larger 4,000mAh battery.

An increase of 300mAh is not to be sniffed at, as it means you can use the Z Flip6 for longer until it needs a recharge. Speaking of which, this handset supports 25W fast charging and 15W wireless charging; a bit shy of the market’s top phones when it comes to charging, but more than suitable enough for those that don’t need super-fast recharge speeds.


The modern flip phone has come a long way, and the Galaxy Z Flip6 is proof of that progression. With its combination of excellent performance, stunning cameras and a finely-tuned design, this handset rightly joins the flip phone pantheon as a leading contender.

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