When you think of smartphone manufacturers, OPPO might not be the first company that springs to mind. Despite being one of the top brands in China, OPPO are still relatively unknown in the UK, but you can expect all of that to change in 2019.

Already a huge hit in their native China, OPPO has finally landed in the UK, and can finally be found online at Mobiles.co.uk. Discover everything you need to know about the smartphone manufacturer below.

Introducing OPPO

OPPO is part of, and owned by, BBK Electronics, a major Chinese consumer electronics firm. Launched by CEO Cheng Mingyong in 2004, OPPO became China's largest smartphone manufacturer in a mere 12 years. By 2016, the brand could be found everywhere, with OPPO phones being sold in over 200,000 retail outlets across the nation. Incredibly popular in India too, it's safe to say OPPO is a big deal across the East.


You'll find OPPO's headquarters in Dongguan, Guangdong, Southeast China. The brand is known for specialising in affordable, mid-range handsets that boast premium-looking designs and house plenty of innovative new tech. Across the world smartphone enthusiasts are now loving OPPO devices.

Who are BBK Electronics?

OPPO is a subsidiary brand of BBK Electronics - the third-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. BBK Electronics shipped a grand total of 199.3 million handsets worldwide in 2017, just behind giants Apple and Samsung who shipped 215.8 million and 317.7 million respectfully.


BBK Electronics is also the parent brand of Shenzhen-based smartphone manufacturers OnePlus. Curious to learn more about OnePlus? Just check out our OnePlus blog to uncover its history.

Oppo ColorOS

Fuelling every OPPO handset is the company's own version of Android: ColorOS. The most recent operating system - ColorOS 5.2 - offers a vibrant, seamless interface that's a pleasure to use, with brand-new colours, font sizes and updated app icons to name just a few design changes.


Alongside upgrades to overall performance speed, OPPO has also packed a ton of great features (either unique to ColorOS or from the latest Android update) into its operating system. Smart Cleaning, for example, uses AI technology to intelligently analyse your app usage, automatically shutting down dormant apps to speed up your device while Smart Bar makes it easier to switch between tasks. The likes of Google Lens and Google Assistant are all yours to enjoy too.

Discover OPPO handsets

Considering OPPO for your next smartphone? A fairly new brand to the UK, you might not know too much about the existing handsets. To help you make a decision, you'll find an overview of some of OPPO's latest devices below - take a look to see which handset is perfect for you...


You're guaranteed to be impressed by the OPPO RX17 Pro. Not only does it boast a colourful yet elegant design and an amazing 6.4-inch Full HD display with a 91.5% screen-to-body ratio, it's home to a 12MP + 20MP dual rear camera and a brilliant 25MP selfie camera.


Going under the hood to examine the specs, you'll find a speedy octa-core processor, 8GB RAM, 128GB internal storage and a huge 3,700mAh battery that you can charge up fully in just 40 minutes.


For something slightly more affordable, try the OPPO R17 Neo which shares many similarities with the R17 Pro, including that AI-powered 25MP front-facing camera.


The RX17 Neo also boasts a dual 16MP + 2MP rear camera, and the same 6.4-inch Full HD display with 91% screen-to-body ratio for a truly immersive user experience. There's also4GB RAM and an efficient Qualcomm 660 processor. You'll even find a fingerprint scanner hidden beneath the display for secure access.


If you're looking for a state-of-the-art smartphone that offers all the latest advancements in smartphone tech, you'll love OPPO's most premium device - the OPPO Find X. The design of the Find X is incredible with two eye-catching options (Bordeaux Red or Glacier Blue) available. Lighter at the edges and darkening in the centre of the handset, it's a fantastic looking smartphone and the 6.4-inch Full HD Panoramic Arc display will transform how you watch movies or play games on the go.


The Oppo Find X is also home to a sliding dual 20MP + 16MP rear camera that can open in half a second so you'll never miss out on a photo opportunity, as well as a 25MP 3D Smart Selfie Capture front-facing camera. You can unlock the handset via advanced facial recognition technology too, and there's plenty of power thanks to a 3,750 mAh battery.

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