Why You Should Buy the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini

It won’t be long until Samsung has taken over the world of technology, whether it’s in your kitchen, in your living room or in your pocket. And now with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung has truly launched itself into its smartphone offensive.

Here’s just a few reasons why you should buy the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini…

Colourful studded design

Samsung might not deviate from its tried and tested formula when it comes to design- but then, why should it? The Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini looks almost identical to its bigger brother, but this can only be a good thing. With its recognisable studded jacket available in blue, gold, black and white, the S5 Mini stands out against all of its ‘mini’ counterparts in the field.

The miniature version of the Galaxy S5 also sports a vibrant 4.5-inch display boasting a 326 pixel per inch ratio, making the phone exude colour from whichever angle you look at it.

Samsung features

If previous handsets are anything to go by, it’s clear that Samsung is the king of smartphone features, and the S5 Mini certainly hasn’t been sold short on this front.

S5 Mini fingerprint scanner

First of all, the handset is the first ‘mini’ smartphone to boast a fully fledged fingerprint scanner just like its older brother, which can be used to unlock the phone, make payments via PayPal and access your most secure of apps and documents.

Heart Rate Monitor

If you’ve been anywhere this last year, you’ll know that the latest smartphone addiction is health. With Apple having launched its own Health Kit for iOS 8, Samsung is already one step ahead with its S Health app, which first made an appearance on the Galaxy S4.

Along with the S Health app, Samsung has included an in-built heart monitor in the Galaxy S5 Mini, making it even more like the original S5 than any mini model before. Simply place your finger over the sensor (which looks like a camera flash) on the back of the handset and let the phone do the hard work for you.

Plus, with Samsung’s range of smartwatches coming thick and fast, it’s great to hear that the S5 Mini is compatible with the latest wearable tech trends.

Waterproof and dustproof

Sony might well have kicked off the water and dust proof trend with the Xperia Z, but Samsung has followed suit, giving the S5 Mini a IP67 certification. In practice this little number means you can dip your S5 Mini underwater up to 1 metre without dying a painful water-logged death.

Quad-core processor and mighty battery life

While the Samsung Galaxy S5 wowed us with its impressive set of specs, the S5 Mini hasn’t done a bad job either. The S5 Mini offers a quad-core 1.4GHz processor, putting it on a par with most flagship handsets on the market. This, teamed with 1.5GHz of RAM, also make the S5 Mini a smartphone that is far from ‘mini’ in the specs department.

On top of a super speedy processor, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini boasts a generous 2,100mAh battery, which means that the device will keep on going for just as long as you are!

Far from mini camera

Another reason why the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini should be at the top of your list is its camera.

The rear-facing lens adorning the S5 Mini offers an 8 megapixel lens which is packed full of features including HDR mode, face detection and touch focus, to name just a few. On top of that, the S5 Mini sports a 2.1MP front facing lens, which is perfect for satisfying all of your selfie and Snapchat needs! You can even use it to record in full HD, which is a well received bonus!

Why you need to buy the S5 Mini

So there you have it: just a few reasons why the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini should be your next phone. It sports all the same features as its big brother, and boasts a mighty processor, battery life and camera. And one additional plus of the handset: it’s set to be a whole lot cheaper than the Galaxy S5.