A Closer Look at the Google Pixel 6 Pro Camera

A Closer Look at the Google Pixel 6 Pro Camera

The latest smartphone duo from Google is packed with sophisticated camera tech, and the premium device in the series – the Google Pixel 6 Pro – is a prime example. With a triple-lens rear camera system and a whole host of AI-driven photography modes, there’s no shortage of features to discover.

Pixel 6 Pro Camera Specifications

In terms of specs, the Pixel 6 Pro is well-equipped with a trio of rear cameras, comprising a 48MP telephoto lens, 50MP wide lens and 12MP ultra-wide lens. According to Google, the new larger wide lens can let in up to 150% more light than its predecessor, providing greater detail in your images, and a richer depth of colour too. Meanwhile, the ultra-wide lens has a 114-degree field of view, so you can get everyone in the team photo, and take stunning landscape shots without switching to panoramic mode.


On top of this, the inclusion of a sizeable telephoto lens gives the handset the advanced ability to achieve 4x optical zoom and 20x Super Res Zoom, allowing you to hone in on your subject from afar without compromising the quality of the image. If you’re keen to find out more about this technology, take a look at our expert deep dive to discover the difference between optical and digital zoom.

Pixel 6 Pro Photography Features

The Pixel 6 Pro has all the standard photography features you’d expect to find on board, plus a handful of innovative additions to experiment with too. In fact, the camera system taps into the power of Google Tensor – Google’s new custom-built chip – which makes features like Night Sight and Live HDR+ more responsive and intelligent than ever.


Portrait Mode is a given on almost every contemporary smartphone, but the Pixel 6 Pro also allows you to add blur after the image has been taken, so you can transform a standard shot into a crisp portrait in seconds, bringing your subject right into focus. If you do capture unwanted traffic in the background, you can use the AI-powered Magic Eraser tool to remove any photobombers, giving you maximum autonomy over what takes precedence in your shot.

Perhaps one of the most exciting debuts on this camera system is Motion Mode – another feature made possible by AI. With Motion Mode, you can add depth and texture, bringing an atmospheric sense of movement to your images. When this mode is activated, the Pixel 6 Pro will use long exposure to capture the trail of a car’s headlights or the stream of a waterfall – but doesn’t interfere with the clarity of the foreground.

Pixel 6 Pro Videography Features

As for videography, this device is a great choice for keen vloggers and filmmakers. It can record in 4K, with advanced video stabilisation thanks to Google Tensor, so even if you’re filming on the move you’ll get super steady footage. You can even take quality recordings after dark thanks to low light video, and when you’ve finished filming, you can crop, clip and adjust your footage using the wide range of tools available in the editing suite.


Another standout advancement of the Pixel 6 Pro is the 6.71-inch display’s adaptive refresh rate, which can scale up to 120Hz to improve graphics transitions. You can really make the most of this feature while gaming, but it also helps to make your video footage as smooth and seamless as possible.

Pixel 6 Pro Front Camera

On the front of this handset, you’ll find an 11.1MP camera situated in the centre at the very top of the display, which is a departure from its left-hand positioning on the previous Pixel generation. Google has opted for an ultra-wide lens here, which has a 94-degree field of view, so taking group selfies has never been easier. You can still access features like Portrait Mode and Night Sight, making this front-facing lens as versatile as the rear camera.


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