A Closer Look at the iPhone 13 Pro Camera

A Closer Look at the iPhone 13 Pro Camera

In autumn 2021, the eagerly-anticipated iPhone 13 series arrived on the smartphone market. Comprised of 4 different handsets, this collection has a lot to offer in the way of industry-leading camera tech. iPhone 13 Pro is one of the flagships in this range, so Apple has equipped it with a triple-lens rear camera setup and a whole host of advanced photography settings to explore. We take a closer look at iPhone 13 Pro’s exact camera specifications and features in more detail below.

iPhone 13 Pro Camera Specifications


On the rear of the 13 Pro you’ll find three 12MP lenses – one telephoto, one wide, and one ultra-wide – alongside a LiDAR scanner. Each lens in this trio brings different capabilities to the table. For example, the telephoto lens has a 77mm focal length and can achieve 3x optical zoom, which makes it especially suited to portraiture. Meanwhile, the wide lens lets in up to 2.2x more light, improving the clarity and balance of photos and videos, and the ultra-wide lens sports a 120-degree field of view. This makes the latter perfect for capturing sweeping scenic vistas or squeezing the whole family into the frame for a group shot.

As for video specs, this sophisticated camera system can record in 4K at 60fps with Dolby Vision, and even utilize 9x digital zoom during filming to help you hone in on your subject. The 13 Pro has also been awarded an IP68 dust and water resistance rating, so you can keep filming confidently, whatever the weather.

iPhone 13 Pro Photography Features


On top of the groundbreaking hardware on board, there’s a wide array of photography features available too, several of which Apple has debuted on the iPhone 13 series. For instance, macro photography is now possible thanks to the ultra-wide lens, which enables you to take clear photos from just 2cm away, picking up the smallest of details, like the veins of a leaf. Photographic Styles is another new addition; these give you the capacity to tweak elements such as the warmth and saturation of your images, without changing crucial colours like skin tone.

You’ll find all the dedicated settings you’d expect from a premium iPhone on the 13 Pro, like Night mode – now armed with new autofocus – to ensure your images come out crystal clear even after dark. Portrait mode is also available to use, with the option to manually add bokeh and alter depth control, giving you maximum autonomy whenever you’re taking photos, as well as editing them afterwards. Apple has also brought these two features together with Night mode portraits, so low light is no obstacle when it comes to keeping your muse in the foreground.

iPhone 13 Pro Videography Features


Perhaps the most exciting new addition to the videography offering is Cinematic mode. Enabled by AI tech built into the powerful A15 Bionic chip, this brand-new setting is derived from existing Portrait mode technology and uses a depth map while you film to focus on a specific subject. But most significantly, Cinematic mode can also automatically shift the focus from one subject to another when they enter the frame – much like a DSLR does. Thanks to this feature, you’ll have the ability to create seamless, professional-grade footage using only your smartphone.

When you playback your film, you can edit the depth effect, while the 13 Pro’s 120Hz ProMotion display will intuitively adjust the refresh rate, so your video appears and plays perfectly.

iPhone 13 Pro Front Camera


Apple has given the 12MP front camera a considerable upgrade too, which is discretely housed in a dropdown notch, ideally positioned for taking selfies. Thanks to the improved processor, this camera can be used to take super clear self-portraits at night – the A15 Bionic chip is also what powers Face ID. You can easily unlock the 13 Pro with secure facial authentication using the front camera, by simply looking at your device when Face ID is activated – no passcode required.


Camera tech is a growing priority for smartphone manufacturers across the board in 2021 and is rapidly becoming more advanced on both Apple and Android devices. So whether you’re interested in 13 Pro, another model from the series, or a different handset altogether, you can find excellent deals on new and refurbished devices with cutting-edge camera systems here at Mobiles.co.uk.