The wearable craze has been threatening to take off for the past 18 months, and now, after what seems like months of waiting, the Apple Watch is finally here! And although the wearable was announced back in September 2014, it’s not until now that the watch from Apple has been available to buy.

Apple has asked its suppliers in Asia to make a combined five to six million units of its three Apple Watch models during the first quarter ahead of the product’s release in April, according to people close to the matter.

Want to know more about Apple’s latest piece of wearable tech? Here’s our Apple Watch review.

Apple Watch design

Manufacturers have always stuck to a standard form factor when it comes down to the most successful smartphones; but with smartwatches, it seems that the jury is still out on which style is best.

Motorola for example, has opted to produce the round faced Moto 360, which looks superb, but makes it harder to design apps for. Apple has instead opted for the more standard rectangular design, with a metallic frame.

Available in three models and two size variations; the standard Apple Watch, which comes with a stainless steel frame; the Apple Watch Sport, which boasts a aluminium frame; and the Apple Watch Edition which sports an 18 karat frame all in 38mm or 42mm versions.

It doesn’t stop there either, with interchangeable straps available, you can choose from six different styles to match the occasion, with everything from a linked version, down to a magnetic leather band.

Brilliant Apple specs

The iPhone has been a benchmark of sorts for many flagship smartphones in terms of specs, so it wouldn’t surprise anyone to see the same thing happen on the wearable market as well. But will Apple really push the boat out with its debutant smartwatch, or will it be a more conservative approach?

Packing an S1 processor, the Applewatch won’t leave you wanting when it comes down to speed. Add to this 4GB internal storage- more than in some smartphones- and you have more than enough room for all of your favourite apps.

The addition of wireless charging is also brand new for Apple, letting you charge your watch overnight to keep it at the peak of performance. Also, your own personal heart rate sensor slips in behind the watch face to link up easily with the new Health app on iOS 8.

iOS 8 on your watch

Siri is no longer a new toy for us to play with, but it will be a new home for the voice operated assistant in our watch. With such a small display, Siri is a key part of making the Apple Watch function, helping us create messages or simply navigate through the wearable’s menus using nothing but voice recognition.

Health is already on the iPhone 6, but with a heart rate monitor adorning the Apple Watch it’s going to be a whole lot more useful. It will link with our iPhones seamlessly to give us a full reading of our general health, from blood pressure to heart rate, and can even send our heartbeat to anyone else with an Apple smartwatch as well.

Customisatisation of all these features and specs, it would be a real shame if every Apple Watch looked alike, so with over two million ways to see the time it’s safe to say your wearable will be unique. You can combine watch faces with calendars and even add your own landscape behind your screen to make for a great looking display which suits your tastes.

Apple’s ever growing operating system is now into its eighth instalment, and it’s on its way onto the smartwatch too. So what will this mean for our wearable technology?

Apple Watch Review: Price and Release Date

**$349-$17,000!**Apple has finally announced the Apple Watch price details at a packed press event in the US. The company announced that Apple’s smartwatch will be on the shelves on April 24th, and will start from from $349 (£299) to a massive $17,000 (£13,500) depending on the style of watch you opt for.

You’ll be pleased to hear that the most expensive Apple smartwatch, the Apple Watch Edition, deserves its huge price tag, being made of 18ct rose gold, though when you put it in perspective, Apple’s infamous Mac Pro computer will only set you back $4,000!

If there’s any wearable tech that’s been on the tip of everyone’s tongue more than the watch from Apple this year we’re yet to hear about it. It’s is sure to make a splash when we finally get it round our wrists in Spring and could be the ultimate complimentary piece to the already successful iPhone 6.