Apple Watch SE vs Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch SE vs Apple Watch Series 6

For the first time, Apple announced two new Apple Watches as part of its September event. For 2020, Apple fans have the choice between the flagship Apple Watch Series 6, and the more affordable Apple Watch SE.

If you're thinking about picking up an Apple Watch for yourself, but you're not sure which model will suit you best, then you're in the right place. We've compared all the specs and features side-by-side to help you decide.

Apple Watch SE vs Apple Watch Series 6 Design and Display

When it comes to design, there are only a handful of differences between the Apple Watch Series 6 and the Apple Watch SE. While both feature identical Retina OLED displays (available in two sizes: 40mm and 44mm), the Always-On feature is exclusive to the Series 6. Once activated, you can see information on your watch face at a glance - there's no need to wake up the device first. As for the Apple Watch SE, just raise your arm and tilt the screen towards you to view the time, notifications and more.


You can also pick up the Apple Watch Series 6 in a wider range of colours, and in aluminium, steel and titanium variants. The Apple Watch SE, meanwhile, is only available in aluminium.

Apart from the above, you'll find identical design features on both. They are water resistant up to 50m, come with Apple's smart assistant Siri on board and support Apple Pay payments - simply hold the watch close to a card reader to make a purchase. You can also view boarding passes, train tickets, cinema tickets and more directly on both. Interchangeable bands are available for both models, for those who like to frequently switch up their style.

Apple Watch SE vs Apple Watch Series 6 Power and Battery

The Apple Watch SE runs on the S5 dual-core System-In-Package (SIP), which is twice as fast as the 2017 Series 3 watch. The premium Series 6, meanwhile, debuts the advanced S6 dual-core SIP, alongside the unique U1 chip (also known as Ultra Wideband). The U1 chip is currently only available elsewhere on the iPhone 11 series, and while it has been added for spatial awareness purposes (essentially helping your watch to connect to compatible devices in close proximity quicker), Apple has revealed that the addition of Ultra Wideband will help the Series 6 to support new technology in the near-future.


Both watches run on watchOS 7, and come with 32GB of internal storage, built-in GPS and an all-day battery that'll provide around 18 hours of power from one full charge. You'll have the option to choose a Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi and cellular version of either watch, and if you opt for cellular, you can listen to Apple Music straight from the watch - no iPhone needed.

Apple has included all the favourite features from previous watches, including Fall Detection and Emergency SOS, a built-in compass and automatic workout detection. The Always-On Altimeter is sure to come in handy - particularly if you love using your watch for workouts. It'll let you view elevation changes in real time, alongside stats like distance travelled, pace, laps, calories burnt, current heart rate and so much more.

Apple Watch SE vs Apple Watch Series 6 Key Features

Health in particular has been a huge focus for Apple, and a number of features have been added to previous Apple Watch models in recent years. For example, you'll find a highly responsive optical heart-rate monitor installed on the Watch SE, however the Series 6 takes things up a notch with an added ECG and dedicated ECG app. The ECG installed is similar to a single-lead electrocardiogram, and innovative electrodes built into the Digital Crown and back crystal of the Series 6 work with the ECG app to read and analyse your heart's signals. All you have to do is touch the Digital Crown to activate this ground-breaking tech.


Another major health update exclusive to the Apple Watch Series 6 is blood oxygen level technology. Sensors have been added to help you to collect information about your breathing and blood circulation, all in just 15 seconds. Also known as an oximeter, the watch can intelligently combine stats to help you learn more about your current respire and cardiac health.

There's a new Sleep App on both watches. Understanding the importance of sleep, Apple has added the app to help you create a regular bedtime routine, and track your personal sleep trends. Set goals, and both watches can help you achieve them.


You'll also find classic features like Workouts, Activity Rings, Reminders, the App Store and much more on both.

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