Apps to Fuel Your Productivity

Apps to Fuel Your Productivity

When you lead a busy lifestyle, making the most of your time is vital. It can be easy to get distracted, and staying focused while working productively can feel like a challenge sometimes. Hit download on the featured apps below, and you're sure to see your productivity soar.

Designed to help you complete tasks in a smarter and faster way, these apps are here to help you get things done.

Intelligent Emails with Spark

If sorting through emails is a huge part of your daily routine, you're going to love Spark. With its sleek, easy-to-navigate design, making the switch from your regular inbox will be easy.


Spark's particularly useful for the workplace. There are a whole range of features designed to make teamwork easier and more productive than ever before. You can create email templates for standardised emails, delegate emails that are awaiting a response to a specific colleague and even craft emails together directly within the app, all while making the most of Spark's chat feature, which enables your team to discuss the content of the email while viewing it in real-time.

Intelligent notifications mean Spark will only notify you about the most important messages in your inbox, meaning you can focus on your day-to-day without being bombarded with hundreds of alerts. You can separate your personal emails and work emails too, so you can keep everything in one place.

Focus with Forest

Struggle to stay focused? Get back on track with Forest. Refreshingly different from many other productivity apps, Forest is designed to help you keep your hands off your phone when your mind starts to wander.

Instead of scrolling through social media or messaging your friends when you should really be completing a task, Forest motivates you to stay focused in a brilliant way. When you open the app, you'll be asked to plant a virtual tree, which will finish growing after the countdown you set is over.


Each virtual tree you grow will be added to your virtual forest, and you'll earn coins in the process. If you exit out of the app during the countdown (to check Instagram, for example), your tree will die - and you won't receive any coins. When you reach 2,500 coins, you'll have the opportunity to plant a real tree with the app's tree planting partner.

Currently, in July 2019, Forest is working with Trees for the Future to plant new trees across five countries in Sub Saharan African. You stay focused, while a new tree is given a change to flourish somewhere in the world. To plant a tree, you simply need to reach the 2,500 coins target, tap 'Real Forest' on the apps and then tap 'Plant' - it’s that easy.

Taskful: The Smart To Do List

Everyone loves a To Do list, and Taskful is one of the easiest, and most enjoyable, to use. It's Taskful’s appealing design and thoughtful features that helps it stand out from rest - and it's available for both Android and iPhone users.

When you download Taskful, you'll be asked to register an account first. It's completely free, and once you've signed up, all you need to do is tap the '+' sign to get started.


When it comes to creating a new task, there's much more to Taskful than making a simple To Do list. You'll be able to organise each task by colour-coded categories (such as Work, Shopping and Finance), set reminders and create subtasks. Subtasks are ideal when one of your tasks requires multiple steps to reach completion, and you can add as many subtasks as you please. Your progress will be shown as a percentage, so if you complete one out of four subtasks, Taskful with show you as 25% there.

For £4.49 per month, you can benefit from even more productivity features with Taskful Pro. Extra benefits include a customised Taskful email address and an inbox so you can receive tasks from other users, the chance to create collaborative tasks you can work on with friends and the ability to integrate Taskful with other apps such as Evernote and Slack. With Taskful Pro, you'll be able to pick up where you left off no matter what device you’re using thanks to automatic syncing.

Take your note-taking up a notch with GoodNotes 5

Looking for a note-taking app that can do it all? Download GoodNotes 5. This exclusive iOS app requires a one-time purchase of £7.99 - but it's certainly worth it if you're a keen notetaker.

The perfect digital notebook, GoodNotes 5 feels like you're writing on paper. As well as typing out notes, you can use a supported stylus or your finger to write, annotate or draw whatever you please. You can even sketch diagrams or annotate on existing documents like PDFs.


There's a whole range of handy tools available on GoodNotes 5, from a lasso tool to help you resize, rotate and rearrange your notes and images to a tool that let's you convert your handwriting into traditional text. You can drag and drop text, documents, images and screenshots into the app as well, and absolutely everything in searchable - even your handwritten notes.

iCloud sync means you'll be able to access your notes from any device, and the app is a fantastic choice for storing documents on your smartphone - you can keep Word, PowerPoint and PDF files safe here.

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