Benefits of Buying a 5G Phone

Benefits of Buying a 5G Phone

5G-ready phones are specifically designed to handle the performance demands of 5G, and there are variety of benefits to buying a 5G-ready phone today. From better speeds and a more reliable connection, find out all the benefits of a 5G phone below.

What is 5G?

5G is the next generation of mobile network technology, designed to deliver faster download speeds, reduced latency times and a reliable, more capable connection than its predecessors.


Super-fast speeds

One of the main benefits of buying a 5G phone is improved speeds. 5G produces the fastest ever mobile networks speeds to date, ensuring a more reliable performance and better user experience.

Download speeds are where you’ll really see the benefits, especially compared to those achieved with 4G. The current 4G modem has a maximum download speed of 300Mbps, but with 5G, this will reach up to 10Gbps – that's over 200 times faster. With improved speeds, you’ll be able to stream and view high-resolution media and download content quicker than ever before.


For context, with a 5G network it’ll take just two seconds to download 75 images, around eight seconds to download two full series of your favourite TV shows and just under one minute to download a full feature length film. With 4G, downloading a movie will take up to four minutes.

A reliable connection

With a 5G phone, you’ll receive a far better connection than you would with 4G. Look forward to a better signal strength, improved call quality with less interference and faster speeds even at peak times.

Another huge benefit of 5G is its improved capacity. 4G LTE can only operate using lower frequency bands, but 5G operates by using 3 different spectrum bands. To put this into perspective, 4G can only cope with frequencies of up to 6GHz, whereas 5G uses super high frequencies ranging from 30GHz to 300GHz.


The different, larger bandwidths 5G utilises means there’s greater capacity for data to travel through, and your connection won't be as crowded. This results in reduced lagging and less interference.

What’s more, 5G uses wavelengths differently than 4G. As it stands, 4G emits radio waves in all different directions, but 5G will use them linearly, allowing for a smoother performance and more reliable connection with less signal interference. 5G makes data faster and more available to you, so if you're ever in a busy area or at a big event, you won't have to worry about losing your network connection ever again.

Future-proof technology

5G is the future of mobile technology, so it’s no surprise that a 5G-ready phone will set you up for years to come. 5G phones are not only equipped with the ability to connect to a 5G network, but they are made with improved internal tech and specs too. From more powerful processors to improved battery life, 5G phones are built with the future in mind.


5G-ready phones are unlikely to feel outdated after their initial release, thanks to all the advances in their on-board technology. So, if you are looking to buy a 5G-ready phone, you can be confident it'll stand the test of time. An important consideration with your next phone purchase, as more and more people are keeping hold of their handsets after their initial contracts.

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