Best free courses for tech enthusiasts

Best free courses for tech enthusiasts

In recent years, free online courses have become more readily available, making it possible to study a vast array of subjects - from health and nutrition to free digital marketing courses. Alongside this far-reaching collection of content, you can also find specialist platforms that host free online courses on more specific skills, such as cyber security and coding. We’ve selected some of the best free courses for tech enthusiasts below.


FutureLearn is one of Britain’s first entirely online education providers since 2012. If you’re looking for an online platform that can provide you with university-accredited courses that you can study from your mobile, FutureLearn is a great option. The platform has 175 university partners worldwide, providing over 2,440 courses for you to choose from, making it one of the best online services to help you develop your professional skills.

You can try FutureLearn at no cost, so it’s ideal for those looking for free coding courses. There are 60 free specialist computer science programmes to pick from, with the full selection becoming available with a paid subscription.

Kahn Academy

The Kahn Academy was established in 2006 as a not-for-profit education service, to provide students around the world with free education across a wide curriculum. It’s boomed since its inception, with modules now available in more than 30 languages.

There’s a course for every tech enthusiast at the Kahn Academy, whether you’re looking to learn about Bitcoin, want an introduction to JavaScript, or are trying to master HTML. It’s not just free tech-focused courses either, you can also brush up on your knowledge across a wide array of modules including economics, languages, and maths -just log in to get started.

LinkedIn Learning

If you’re looking to give your online CV a boost, the LinkedIn Learning app can help you access a catalogue of resources at your fingertips. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS, and you can pair it up with your LinkedIn account.

LinkedIn Learning for mobile was created for when you’re on the move, sat on your commute, or enjoying lunch outside. The app allows you to finish watching videos you might have started viewing on another device, as well as download courses to watch later – and if you’d rather listen, then you can opt for just the audio.

Whatever you’re looking to learn, you’re sure to find it, thanks to LinkedIn Learning’s collection of more than 16,000 courses and resources. You’ll get a bespoke learning experience, with topics targeting your interests as well as building on your current skills, plus the search function lets you explore new topics. Whenever you complete a course, you can add the qualification to your profile, to let your connections know you’ve added a new string to your bow.

Test out the full scope of LinkedIn Learning thanks to a free one-month trial, with the option of extending your service by paying a subscription fee.

Google Garage

Sign up for Google Garage and access its selection of certified free digital marketing courses online, all you need is a Google account to get started, and then it’s up to you which direction you want to take your learning journey.

Each subject is broken down into bite-sized sections, featuring video tutorials and multiple-choice quizzes. This format allows you to study at your own pace and return to a lesson if you don’t finish it the first time around.

The main certified course is the beginner level ‘Fundamentals of digital marketing, which is made up of 26 modules that are spread out over 40 hours of tutorials and tests. Alongside producing their own tutorials, Google has partnered with universities and expert bodies such as the University of Michigan and Simplilearn, to provide resources on a wide range of digital courses.

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